Survey Results

In August 2015 we asked you a number of questions – if you’d like to add your 2c, the survey is here.

Meanwhile we received a lot of really great input, and wanted to share that with you, as promised. There are some opinions we expected – you care a lot about energy and the environment, so that’s a relief! And there were some surprising and valuable feedback – you also care a lot about what the Town is up to, which is great, because so do we. You may have noticed that we’ve already increased our coverage of Town issues and those newsletters seem very popular. We’ll continue to respond to this feedback, and do keep letting us know what you want.



Our 72 respondents were mostly in the 45-75 range, which fits with who we regularly see at our events. The good news is that this age range typically has more flexibility, and can give more, but it does leave an awful lot of people in town we are not reaching very well yet.

Women: 40,
Men: 28
Not stated: 4

We have one respondent in the 105-and-older bracket. I happen to know her and she doesn’t look a day over 100, so that’s very impressive.
– You think you can mess with our survey and get away with it, hmmm? J?  🙂

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Which Sustainability Issues Most Interest You?

As expected, energy and global warming filled the top three spots, followed closely by recycling, and more land-management issues, with transportation and divestment at the end.

We did see a difference with gender – normalized for the proportion of men and women answering: men and women were most interested in the energy issues, but women showed much more interest in toxins/ plastics/ composting than the men.

Respondents could mark as many issues as they pleased.


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On the subjects that interest you how can we helSlide4p?

This was the number-one surprise: news Town actions came in top! The survey was a success just for this – we cover the Town a little, but not nearly as much as you would like, so we’re changing that.

We were pleased to see that news and hints/tips featured strongly because we put a lot of effort into these, with our Newsletters, website, and Checklists. Events and movies are also popular which we can and do do.

There is an interest in latest research that we really do not do much on and will have to think about. Perhaps a more “technical” newsletter or set of articles?

Opportunities to get involved is definitely what we are about, so we were delighted that so many want to do more, a theme we will return to.

As a 501(c) 3 we cannot 1) advise you to vote for a particular person 2) advise you to vote a particular way on a bill – or at least this cannot be a prominent part of our activity, but we are happy to inform and guide on understanding political issues and currents.

Quotes and pictures came fairly low down, so we will not be rushing to fill our Instagram and Pinterest accounts (though they do exist). The slide-show of cartoons, images and quotes that Quentin leaves running before his talks may get uploaded to our website if we can pin him down long enough.

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Social Media

Facebook usage came in top, and we use Facebook a lot. Do Like our page for quick stories and the latest events. Facebook was closely followed by LinkedIn, which we tend to forget, so that was good to realize. Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram received much lower scores.

Include Me NowSlide8

You want to be included, the newsletter is the main medium, and we do think they’re pretty awesome. The great news is that all the other things you asked for are available – we will reach out to individuals that asked for Checklists, Climate talks, solar power in Wellesley, Milkweed, and pesticide-free homes. Anyone can find these resources by browsing our website.

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 Are You Fired Up??  I SAID ARE YOU FIRED UP???!!!!Survey 2015

You’re a very enthusiastic bunch – doing more than most and willing to keep it there or go even further, which is FABULOUS. About two thirds believe you do more than the average – and we expect most of the rest do too. Even better news, all but one person wants to do MORE, and we have fun stuff that really wants to get done.

We will be reaching out – when we ask for help we’re asking YOU!

If you don’t hear a call then send us an email we always need more help – we have more good ideas than hands.

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Helping in a very real and tax-deductible way…Slide9

Sustainable Wellesley is an all-volunteer organization. For many years financial support for our website, emails, Facebook, events, festivals, seminars, lectures, and campaigns has come only from personal donations by our Board. Members have been asked to cover just their own direct costs (a ticket on a bus, for example).

We were recently awarded charitable, 501(c)3 status, which we are very excited about. That means we are able to accept donations – at the button at the top of this page – and you are able to list that as a charitable deduction on your tax return.

We asked what you might feel like doing to help cover costs and were blown away by the generosity, as you can see in the chart.. The majority are able to pitch in to help.

Any contribution is very gratefully received, and will help us broaden our support and make more impactful, longer-term projects possible. Thank you.

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