Phyllis Theermann

alexHave you ever wondered if solar is right for your home?

Join an expert THIS WEDNESDAY, February 5th from 6.30-8pm at the Warren Building for an introduction and guide to solar energy.

Presenter Alex Keally will explain the technology, economics, and criteria for folks considering solar. He will share questions and tips homeowners should ask installers and have Wellesley residents there to share their experiences. This is a great overview for homeowner or business.

P2C_Solar_IconThe Town of Wellesley is launching a group solar purchase so its a great time to get informed!

Phyllis Theermann
alexAlex was at the local hardware store the other day picking up Holiday lights.  As many others this time of year, he was looking at LED lights versus the traditional incandescent lights.
In past years he avoided LED lights because he didn’t like the cold “blue” light they seemed to emit.  This year, however, he was happy to see that there were many options for “warm white” lights, which look very similar to the traditional incandescent mini lights.
Alex admitted he was conflicted about the price.  The LED lights still cost more than the incandescents.

The environmental side of him wanted to buy them, but the practical, yankee side wanted to buy the less expensive.

After some quick mental calculations to incorporate the energy savings of LED lights, Alex found to his delight that they aren’t more expensive after all.  It goes like this:
Incandescent LED
Cost of  string of 100 lights $5.95 $19.98
Energy Usage per Hour 40 W 8 W
Hours on per night (4:30 to 10:30pm) 6 H 6 H
Nights on per year (Dec & Jan) 61 Days 61 Days
Energy Usage per Year 14.64 kWh 2.93 kWh
Electricity Cost: 13.5 ¢/kWh 13.5 ¢/kWh
Electricity Cost per Year  $1.98  $0.40
Annual Electricity Rate of Increase (Average over last 50 years in US) 3% 3%
Total Cost over 8 years $23.52 $23.49
Warranty 1 yr 7 yrs
Over 8 years they are effectively the same price.
However, he knows that every year around the holidays when the incandescent strings come out of the box, he will find one or two that have so many bulbs out that they are unusable.

If you factor that into the economics the payback is even shorter.

The economics of LED lights inside the home are even better as you use those lights all year long.  So, if you haven’t already bought your holiday lights for the year, make the smart choice and buy LED.  If you have all your holiday lights up already, make the switch next year and start looking inside your home for other lights to switch.

As you probably have heard, the Town of Wellesley is making the switch too.

Happy Holidays to all.