Phyllis Theermann

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Phyllis Theermann

You may not realize this but our neighbor, Babson College, has had a sustainability office for 8 years working behind the scenes to make Babson a leader in sustainability.  We sat down with Alex Davis, Program Manager, GreenerU, Inc., who manages the College’s Sustainability Office to learn more about what is happening at Babson.

“Babson will soon release its 2017/2018 Sustainability Report which looks at sustainability as it relates to the College’s academics, engagement, operations, planning and administration,” said Davis. “Although it might seem challenging to measure sustainability, Babson uses the STARS tool — used by higher education institutions — to objectively measure its efforts in sustainability,” Davis said.

Babson has made substantial progress, and in some cases is a leader in higher education for some of its efforts including its hazardous waste management, electronics purchasing, and sustainable dining practices.

The College has made progress in many sustainability initiatives, but knows it has an opportunity to improve practices further when it comes to efforts such as outdoor air quality, building operations and maintenance, renewable energy and energy efficiency, as well as sustainable food purchasing.

Babson has seen a growing number of students getting environmental sustainability certifications as well as an increase in applications for sustainability office internships. The number of water bottle filling stations is also increasing — now up to 27 allowing the community to get 275,000 refills a year.  More will be installed as buildings get built and renovated. There are also 12 car charging stations on campus that have been used by 73 different drivers from faculty and staff, to guests and students this year alone; producing 5900 miles of electricity power.

To learn more about the campus energy, waste and emissions reductions efforts, click here.

Phyllis Theermann


for the 12th Annual Babson Sustainability Forum on March 29th, 2017. Every attendee receives a copy of Blue Ocean Shift – a NY Times and Wall Street Journal Bestseller – as a gift from the Blank Center of Entrepreneurship. There will be opportunities to get your book signed by Renee.

There are a variety of panels and speakers discussing important topics such as what businesses can do to act on climate change. Your business can make changes to mitigate climate change. How can a company set ambitious long-term targets that resonate with stakeholders and align with climate science?

Learn more about the B Corp Movement: Balancing Purpose with Profit. Companies around the globe are using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. How can your business be as a force for good, better for consumers, employees, local communities, etc.?

Another hot topic is Sustainability Trends in Food & Ag-Tech. Come learn how folks are shifting the paradigm. This panel will explore the latest food and agricultural innovations that are redefining their industries for the next generation. They will examine positive impacts that go beyond the bottom line.

Don’t miss the closing remarks at 4.15 with Savitha Sridharan, Founder and CEO of Orora Global. Learn more about this for-profit, social enterprise that provides rural and urban communities globally with access to reliable, renewable energy.

Networking begins at 5.15.