Phyllis Theermann
committee for green economyA former Sustainable Wellesley leadership team member, Jessica Langerman, has co-founded a ballot question committee to put an initiative for a revenue-neutral carbon tax on the 2016 ballot.

The Committee for a Green Economy commissioned a study by Regional Economic Models, Inc., to determine how to best implement a carbon tax in the state of Massachusetts.

REMI’s findings were stunning.  A 90% revenue-neutral carbon tax, phased in gently at $5.00 – $10.00 a year, could, by 2017, increase our state’s annual GDP by $450 million a year, adding between 2,000 – 11,000 jobs while significantly reducing emissions.  The cost to consumers would be offset by substantive corporate and personal income tax reductions.  Lower-level income earners would be additionally protected from the increase in fossil fuel prices by a reduction of the MA sales tax.
Senator Michael Barrett and Representative Tom Conroy have asked the senior economist who wrote the REMI study to present it at the state house later this month in support of their own carbon tax legislation, H.R. 2532.
According to many of our nation’s most eminent economists, conservative and liberal alike, a revenue-neutral carbon tax could be the silver bullet to freeing our nation from its dependency on fossil fuels.  To find out more about CGE, or to view the study in its entirety, please see the Committee’s web page at:, or visit them on Facebook.
See a recent Boston Globe article regarding the strategy here.
Phyllis Theermann

One Way to Make A Big Difference This Year

Citizen’s Climate Lobby Boston has three initiatives in which they would welcome your assistance:

1. Getting signatures on letters of support for a federal level carbon tax. National CCL has drafted a letter of support and we want politicians, business leaders, faith organizations, environmental organizations, and influential individuals to sign it. They are looking for people to lead this effort in MA and the other NE states.

2. They want to put a carbon tax question on the MA ballot. There are some people working in other states to get carbon tax questions on ballots. They could leverage these experienced folks and do the same here.

3. Fundraising for CCL. The national discussion on taxing carbon is getting hotter than the planet and we have to up our game to take advantage of this interest! CCL really needs to grow permanent staff (there are only three right now!), but growing staff takes money. They are looking for people to lead fundraising efforts in MA and the other NE states. CCL can supply a lot of training and support for this effort and you could lean on local CCL volunteers to help also.