A recent NY Times Op Ed:  Your Gas Stove Is Bad for You and the Planet

Want to do something about your gas stove? your gas heat? your fossil fuel car?

Experience everyday life without gas or gas leaks.  Mothers Out Front teams in Jamaica Plain are hosting a Green Tour where you can see the future happening today.

JAMAICA PLAIN:  Sunday May 19th, 2-4pm

Take a self-guided tour in central JP, showcasing green living– from solar panels to electric cars, composting, beekeeping, edible gardens, etc.– in about 15 homes (and a few businesses and community sites). Neighbors can learn from neighbors and help us all envision what a clean-energy future could look like.

Online map and event page are here.

Phyllis Theermann


In the market for a new car?

Wondering how you can compare the carbon footprint of various car makes and models?

Try out http://carboncounter.com/.

MIT’s Trancik Lab designed it to help people shopping for a car (new or used).

You may be surprised that some of the big electric cars have a higher carbon footprint than some hybrids!

Phyllis Theermann

Wow… Cars are responsible for approximately 50% of the average household CO2 emissions!


Drive your vehicle more efficiently:

  • Keep your tires properly inflated –it can reduce fuel consumption by up to 3%- Lighten your load– An extra 100 pounds increases fuel consumption by 1-2%. (Weight is most important in stop-and-go driving- Slow down. The faster you move, the harder your engine has to work to push through the wind.
  • Tune up your engine. A properly tuned engine maximizes power and can greatly enhance fuel efficiency
  • Avoid excessive idling. Idling a vehicle wastes a significant amount of fuel. Generally, if you can avoid 10 seconds of idling you will save gas by turning the engine off and restarting.
  • Plan and combine trips – Will save you money and gas
  • Rideshare/Carpool –

Drive a more efficient vehicle:

A Wellesley Driving enthusiast Henry Dormitzer (and family of four) said:Our Prius delivers more than twice the fuel efficiency of our other cars. That savesapproximately 400 gallons of gasoline per year. I like the fuel savings, but I also like stopping at gas stations less frequently with each stop occupying half the time of filling another car’s tank. My friends were surprised when I bought the Prius since I also like bombing around a race track in a 400 horsepower car, but everything has a place and the Prius is

quiet, comfortable and (gasp) fun to drive. Traffic laws discourage us from exploiting 400 horsepower on public roads, but it is great fun to get that extra bit of fuel economy out of the Prius. The last time I was pulled-over by the police was in the Prius – for rolling through a stop sign to conserve the kinetic energy and avoid triggering the combustion engine. I only wish the officer had tried harder to conceal that he was laughing at me!

Walk or ride to school or town:

Consider the amount of gasoline all those powered machines (snow blowers, leave blowers, mowers, trimmers, and chainsaws) use too. Use less and save gas, money and while producing less air pollution.

It’s good for you, the planet and your wallet!