Phyllis Theermann

citizens climate lobby

Citizens’ Climate Lobby has been building the political will for sensible climate and energy legislation in Washington since 2009. The Boston chapter is starting regular meet-ups in Wellesley to give people a chance to learn more about the organization and get involved.

Come learn:

– Why Carbon Fee & Dividend is the right economic and environmental solution to fight climate change

– News from the 2016 National Conference

– Opportunities to participate at a level that’s right for you

WHEN: Wednesday, July 20, 7:00 – 8:30 PM
WHERE: Starbucks, 68 Central St.
LOOK FOR: Gary Rucinski, Massachusetts State Coordinator, sporting the “Ask Me about Carbon Fee” pin

Phyllis Theermann

citizen climate lobby

Sunday, October 27th   7:00 – 8:30 pm

With climate change already upon us, we need to act swiftly if we hope to maintain the balance of the planet that we know and love today.

Citizens Climate Lobby is a non-profit group that aims to offer simple, practical ideas to bridge the political divide that must be closed for the world to come together on this very important issue.

Gary Rucinski, Northeast Regional Coordinator of Citizens Climate Lobby, will present and host a discussion focused on how human activity, especially the burning of fossil fuels, is causing global warming and what needs to be done to stop it, namely transitioning from a fossil fuel economy to a clean energy economy.

The material will cover a range of topics from pros and cons of subsidies and tax breaks, to an explanation of cap and trade vs. carbon fee and dividend. There will also be a discussion of what the Citizens Climate Lobby has, is and will be doing and how members of the audience can help.

The event will be on October 27 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm at  Temple Beth Elohim, 10 Bethel Rd. This event is hosted by TBE Green.


Phyllis Theermann

Jessica, center in black jacket, receiving an answer to her thoughtful question at a Harvard event

Jessica Langerman, one of Sustainable Wellesley’s leaders, is pursuing a full-time position with Citizens Climate Lobby. Thank you Jessica for all you have done to engage the residents, businesses, and the Town of Wellesley in the actions required for sustainability.

This leaves a place for YOU

Although we will miss her energy, ideas, cheerfulness, and constructive can-do-spirit, we are delighted that she is going into such a significant role. If Sustainable Wellesley had any part in her transition, and we can keep producing such committed climate folks, we would be thrilled.

With other former Sustainable Wellesley leaders such as Molly Fairchild, Katy Gibson and Mary Gard in a variety of key places within our community, our network and influence is only growing.

Jessica, we wish you continued success.

Thus, Sustainable Wellesley seeks a leadership team member. 

We all have many different backgrounds, timetables and shoelaces (just checking to see if you are still reading), but feel moved to engage OUR community = the residents, businesses, and the Town of Wellesley in the actions required for sustainability.

We host events, write stories for local media and our website, research and promote causes beyond our borders, share knowledge about everything from light bulbs, to fracking, greening parties and much more.

We have a one hour weekly conference call, but tend to share ideas and manage initiatives via email from near and far.

Want to do more?

Please contact us at

We promise insightful, meaningful and fun interactions.