Phyllis Theermann

One Way to Make A Big Difference This Year

Citizen’s Climate Lobby Boston has three initiatives in which they would welcome your assistance:

1. Getting signatures on letters of support for a federal level carbon tax. National CCL has drafted a letter of support and we want politicians, business leaders, faith organizations, environmental organizations, and influential individuals to sign it. They are looking for people to lead this effort in MA and the other NE states.

2. They want to put a carbon tax question on the MA ballot. There are some people working in other states to get carbon tax questions on ballots. They could leverage these experienced folks and do the same here.

3. Fundraising for CCL. The national discussion on taxing carbon is getting hotter than the planet and we have to up our game to take advantage of this interest! CCL really needs to grow permanent staff (there are only three right now!), but growing staff takes money. They are looking for people to lead fundraising efforts in MA and the other NE states. CCL can supply a lot of training and support for this effort and you could lean on local CCL volunteers to help also.




Phyllis Theermann

This FRIDAY  |  Oct.19  |  7 pm

Please join members of the Sustainable Wellesley leadership team for a discussion of proposed carbon fee and dividend legislation designed to put our country on the path to a sustainable future.

Citizens Climate Lobby is a non-partisan group dedicated to creating the political will to put a price on carbon.

At the end of the evening, we will write letters to Congress the old fashioned way–with pen and paper.