Residents filled the Municipal Light Plant meeting room with thoughtful conversation last Thursday for the Open Forum on Renewable Energy.

For those who missed the Municipal Light Plant/Sustainable Energy Committee/Board Of Selectman sponsored event and would like to encourage the Town to take specific local actions to run on clean, local sources of renewable energy; please read, consider signing and sharing this petition TODAY and come the MLP Board Meeting this Monday evening, June 26th at 5:30 PM at the Municipal Light Plant on the 2nd floor of 4 Municipal Way.

Some of the highlights of the meeting were three key requests for Municipal Light Plant Board including:

1. Formally including “renewable energy and energy conservation” in the mission statement of the Wellesley MLP

2. Developing a Wellesley-specific policy on renewable energy procurement, with measurable goals

3. Working with other Massachusetts MLPs to develop a binding agreement, perhaps through the Municipal Electric Association of Massachusetts, to meet or exceed the Clean Energy Standards — this is particularly important if the MLPs continue to request that they be considered exempt from the state’s Clean Energy Standards

There will be continued dialogue on this topic so be sure to be part of it.