Phyllis Theermann

photo by Kelly Caiazzo

Written by Kelly Caiazzo

The seasonal change and back to school can have all of us rifling through our closet realizing whatever we wore for the past few months isn’t going to work anymore. But before you hit the stores, keep these simple tips in mind to help you shop a little greener. You’ll save yourself some money and buyer’s remorse in the process!

  1. Shop your closets first. Check older kids’ closets for potential hand-me-downs, see what fits, and don’t assume your children have outgrown something until they’ve tried it on.
  2. Reduce: buy clothing that works well together, and buy fewer items. You can always go back to the store if your laundry situation isn’t manageable. Having drawers that close is a bonus!
  3. Reuse: The used clothing market for kid’s (and adult!) clothes is fantastic. Check places like Kid to Kid in Natick, Cool Threads Consignment in Newton or for great deals that help reduce our impact on the planet.
  4. Start small. Remember you don’t have to buy everything all at once. There will still be sweaters in the stores if you give your children an extra month to grow before you buy.
  5. Only buy what you love. Many children love having “favorite” outfits and only wear a percentage of their clothes. Shop strategically and buy just the favorites.
  6. Organize a clothing swap with friends, family and/or neighbors.

Happy Back to School!