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Then SAVE THESE DATES and fulfill your inner activist:

1). 350 Mass is hosting a webinar “On the Road to a MA Green New Deal” on Thursday, Jan 17 from 7-8:30 pm. 350 Mass will discuss the current narrative, goals, and ways to take action within this framework. See the Zoom meeting link here.


2). Head to the Statehouse on January 24th at 10.30 am to meet up with residents from every part of our state to meet with Representatives and Senators to fight for clean energy and environmental justice. Topics include:

– Environmental justice legislation to protect low income and communities of color from bearing the brunt of health impacts of pollution and vulnerability to climate change.

– 100% Renewable Energy Justice to envision a clean, healthy society without carbon pollution and plan to make it reality by 2050 at the latest.

-Carbon pricing to invest in our future today.

RSVP and tentative schedule are here


3). Massachusetts Climate Action Network (MCAN) is hosting another one of their popular seminars for people who live in Massachusetts towns which have their own electric company (called Muni’s or MLP’s), like Wellesley. On Saturday, January 26th from 10-3 they will be discussing “Electrification” of the heating, cooling and transportation sectors in Muni towns. This is a very hot topic for Muni towns right now. Learn more or sign up here and contact for carpool info.


Here’s an easy action you can take this weekend: Write Wellesley’s state Representative Alice Peisch and ask her to support key environmental bills as the state House of Representatives gets ready to close out the legislative session on July 31

Rep. Peisch has supported important environmental legislation in the past and she needs to hear from us now so she knows that these issues are a top priority for her constituents and we have her back.

We’ve made it easy for you to write to Rep. Peisch — you can just copy and paste the letter below (edit as you wish!) and send to Please include your full name and address so Rep. Peisch knows that you are a Wellesley resident.

Spread the word — please share this message with your friends and neighbors!

Representative Alice Peisch

Dear Rep. Peisch,

I am writing to thank the legislature for taking up energy and environmental policies and to ask you to please do everything you can to help enact these critical priorities. 

Clean Energy Legislation: 

In June, the Senate unanimously passed bold clean energy legislation (S2545), arguably the strongest clean energy bill in the country. This bill contains critical measures such as solar for all, the Renewable Portfolio Standard, Community Empowerment, and a plan to act on climate change. I am grateful that the Senate supported this bill and hope you will urge the House to take it up.

Environmental Justice:

I also strongly support the Massachusetts Environmental Justice Act, H2913/S426, which is currently pending in House Ways and Means. Please urge Rep. Jeffrey Sánchez of the Ways and Means committee to release this bill and press forward for environmental justice.

Plastic Pollution Reduction:

Please also ask Rep. Sánchez to move the statewide bag bill, H4234 An Act Reducing Plastic Pollution, out of Ways and Means. As you know, Wellesley passed a bag bylaw in 2016 — one of 79 Massachusetts cities and towns that have done so. Without any regulations, Massachusetts residents would discard more 3.6 billion plastic bags per year. These bags are clogging our gutters, littering our landscape, and killing birds and other wildlife — and now that China has stopped accepting plastic waste, the bags are essentially not recyclable.


Thank you for your attention to these environmental priorities,


Image courtesy of City of Boston. gov

From the Sierra Club:
Clean energy and environmental justice are on the move! Please email and call your state senator TODAY. – There is a major vote tomorrowThursday.  (There is new information in this notice concerning the amendments.  If you have already called, calling again is not a problem.)  To find your state senator’s phone number, go to

The Senate will vote on S.2545, An Act to Promote a Clean Energy Future, and on a variety of amendments. This is a bold clean energy bill with strong provisions for the Renewable Portfolio Standard and offshore wind. However, it can be made even better if several amendments are voted as well. S.2545 is missingsolar access for all, reforms to push back against pipeline expansion, community empowerment, and a comprehensive plan to combat climate change.

Please call your Senator and Chairwoman Karen Spilka,, 617-722-1640. Urge them to support the bill and the following amendments:

  • Amendments 6 and 60 will push back on pipeline expansion

  • Amendment 22 will empower communities and give new tools to promote renewable energy

  • Amendments 41, 42 and 43 (by Senator Chang Diaz) will ensure all communities can access solar energy.

  • Amendment 44 will create a detailed plan for achieving our 80% global warming pollution reductions by 2050.

If you can’t call, please send your senator an email.  You can use the text below.


Thank you for your dedication to clean energy and our environment. I support S.2545, An Act to Promote a Clean Energy Future which is strong on the environment and climate.

Today, I am also asking you to support several amendments to the bill:

  • Amendments 6 and 60 will push back on pipeline expansion. We must ensure Massachusetts does not burden ratepayers or our environment with costly investments in polluting gas pipelines.

  • Amendment 22 will empower communities and give new tools to promote renewable energy

  • Amendments 41, 42 and 43 will ensure all communities can access solar energy. I am calling to urge you to fight for equity and justice in our environmental policies.

  • Amendment 44 will create a detailed plan for achieving our 80% global warming pollution reductions by 2050.

Thank you for your support of our environment. Please support S.2545 and these amendments.