Phyllis Theermann

Most of us are familiar with air, water, and land pollution. Did you realize that light can also be a pollutant?

Light pollution, the inappropriate or excessive use of artificial light, can have serious environmental consequences for humans, wildlife, and our climate.

Wellesley resident and 7th grader Stella Glassenberg is encouraging our community to learn about light pollution and what Wellesley is doing to reduce it. She is also offering steps that families can use to help reduce light pollution in their homes.

Here is a great after school or weekend family activity! Review Stella’s Light Pollution PDF, discuss ways your family can reduce your light pollution, and figure out a plan to make it happen.

Thanks Stella for sharing your work on light pollution with all of us.

Phyllis Theermann

March with us in Wellesley’s 2018 Veterans’ Parade!

This year, we’re celebrating the legacy of environmental champion Rachel Carson, by encouraging our community to stop using pesticides on their lawns. The parade is a great opportunity to meet new folks and enjoy a stroll through town supporting a cause you care about. Plus it is fun – simply show up, smile, and wave!

New Date– Sunday, June 3rd
New location –See you near the intersection of Oakland and Washington St. @ Pole # 5, look for our signs.

Looks like the weather will be lovely for a walk through our town!

Please meet us at 12:30, the parade gets underway at 1:00.

We have a fabulous float this year thanks so very much to Scott Bender for his work and enthusiasm!  The theme is Healthy Lawns = Healthy Kids!

Please come and see the float and march with us! Bring the kids, bring the neighbors!

We’ll provide signage or you can bring your own. Parade route is approximately 2 miles.

Parking: at the Wellesley Public Works yard – entrance is off of Woodlawn Ave.
Shuttle Bus: a big yellow school bus will be at the Crest Road Bridge (end of the parade route) to take folks back to the Wellesley Community Center. (Near the Public Works lot) Or you could leave a vehicle at the Wellesley train station parking lot.

Please contact Laurel at if you, your neighbors, family and friends are interested.

Phyllis Theermann

Wellesley Council on Aging hosted the first sewing Bee to launch the Town-Wide Craft Project last week. An enthusiastic group created beautiful, Japanese Furoshiki style cloths and discussed how to make reusable bags.

Crafty Wellesley children and adults; sewers: novice to expert; anyone looking for a fun and easy community project, Sustainable Wellesley is looking for your talent.  Less crafty folks are welcome to rummage through their closets and donate fabrics, bandanas, and scarves and/or join us to help cut fabric. This is a great relaxing summer activity for all.

“We are creating beautiful, Japanese Furoshiki style cloths and reusable bags for a future, community gift wrapping event,” said Kelly Caiazzo, one of the organizers of the town-wide project. 

Here are the details:

1. Donate Fabric

  • Flexible fabrics are ideal! Stiff fabrics are hard to tie furoshiki style

  • Fabric remnants measuring at least 20″ square work best

  • e-mail to make a fabric donation

2. Sew Furoshiki Cloths:
Cut a square piece of fabric a little larger than your desired size. 20″ and 28”  are standard finished sizes, but in general any square that’s about 3x larger than the object being wrapped works well.  Fold in each of the edges a quarter inch and iron; fold again and iron. Find instructions online for sewing mitered corners, follow and then sew around the perimeter of your prepared cloth in the middle of the fold. Flexible fabrics like thin cotton work best for tying.  For instructions on hemming and three different corner options, click here.

Please e-mail when you have completed some and Sustainable Wellesley will make plans to collect your cloths. Be sure to save wraps for yourself. To learn how to fold furoshiki gift wrap, click here.

3. Sew Bags:
For a nice complement to Furoshiki (and one that doesn’t require any explanation for re-using!) the community will  also be making Boomerang cloth bags. Check out the free pattern online here. Once you have created some for personal use, and some for the community, simply email Sustainable Wellesley to collect your the bags.

4. Email to organize or attend a sewing event.