Phyllis Theermann

milkweed and plantThis month we at Sustainable Wellesley did our bit to help save the Monarch butterfly. The population of this beautiful and important insect has been dropping for two decades due to a harsh climate, logging in Mexico, and the use of herbicides like Roundup. The adverse climate and the use of herbicides are a problem because they are severely impacting milkweed availability across the US and milkweed is the only plant which Monarch caterpillars can feed on. The reduction in this essential plant is so severe that Monarch butterfly populations are down to less than a 1/10th of previous levels.

Fortunately milkweed is an easy plant to grow and two species thrive in New England, so we can help out by planting some here at home.

In July Sustainable Wellesley received 32 milkweed plants and made them available to members in sets of four. We are delighted that all plants were snapped up and are now growing in yards across town. Milkweed is a tall and pretty plant that grows easily and we are looking forward to spotting Monarchs taking advantage of our hospitality next spring!

If you are interested in joining our group of Monarch host households we are considering another purchase of 32 plants in the fall – in time for planting this year. Let us know by emailing to reserve your plants!

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