The Wellesley Conservation Council, Wellesley non-profit land trust, offers free spring Sunday-morning bird walks beginning the 1st Sunday in May.

Beginners and novices are welcome. They explore areas not only in Wellesley but also in nearby towns. It is not uncommon to observe 30 species in their top breeding finery and vocalization! The leader will direct the group to the most promising birding site of the day. Binoculars, guide books, and waterproof footwear are advisable.

Except for the Mother’s Day trip to Mt. Auburn Cemetery, which meets at 7 a.m., all bird walks commence at 8 a.m. Sundays from the parking lot at the corner of Cameron and Washington Streets (next to the main Library).

Yellow Warbler (DGee) DSC_4888 (1).jpg

Date               Leader                     Time               Meeting Place
May 5        Natalie Starr              8:00 AM          Cameron and Washington St. Parking Lot (next to main Library)
May 12    
  Dan Gee                     7:00 AM         Cameron and Washington St. Parking Lot (Mother’s Day)
                                                                                         to car pool to Mount Auburn Cemetery
May 19      Natalie Starr              8:00 AM          Cameron and Washington St. Parking Lot  (Wellesley Wonderful Weekend)
May 26     
 Michael Tobin            8:00 AM          Cameron and Washington St. Parking Lot



The Wellesley Conservation Council, Wellesley’s 501(c)(3) non-profit land trust, protects 14 sanctuaries across more than 45 acres of natural land in Wellesley and bordering lands in Needham and Weston. More information about our mission, the sanctuaries, and membership can be found: www.wellesleyconservationcouncil.org and info@wellesleyconservationcouncil.org.

Phyllis Theermann

This holiday season consider expressing your love by doing things with friends and family, instead of necessarily buying Stuff for them as STUFF has serious consequences for the planet.

As you attend holiday parties, have lunch with work colleagues, try starting a chat about all that Stuff, where it comes from and where it goes; as well as the impacts on people and the planet along the way. This oldie but a goodie short film called Story of Stuff is good to show and share on social media, but they have a whole slew of newer films too.

Some non-material gifts ideas include event tickets or membership to a local museum; something home made or pre-loved, something they have on their to do list that you can do for them (ie. unsubscribe them from unwanted junk mail through Catalogue Choice). You can also do a volunteer event with them or make a donation to a local charity that means a lot to them (maybe donate to Sustainable Wellesley or Wellesley Green Schools by clicking here).

For those that must buy something, try Sustainable Wellesley’s holiday gift guide that offers ideas on items that help create less waste.

What are you doing for folks this holiday season? Share your ideas with us on Facebook or by emailing us at info@SustainableWellesley.com. Happy Holidays!


Phyllis Theermann


Join us Sunday, January 8th from 5.30 – 8.30 for Sustainable Wellesley’s Annual Party.

The holidays will be behind you and new year’s resolutions under way, so come by and meet some new folks, see friends, join the discussion about sustainable things happening around town that affect you, your neighbors, family and friends. You will be glad you did.

Never been to a Sustainable Wellesley event before? No problem. You are welcome to bring friends.

Please RSVP to info@sustainablewellesley.com and we will send you the location.