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Phyllis Theermann

We are very proud that Sustainable Wellesley’s Leadership Team member Lise Olney was elected to the Wellesley Board of Selectmen on March 5th. After eight years on the leadership team of Sustainable Wellesley, Olney will be stepping down to focus on her new role in town government. She will no longer have a voting position on the Sustainable Wellesley team but plans to remain involved in our activities.

Lise joined the Sustainable Wellesley leadership team in 2011, after helping organize a Sustainability Expo and Bike Tour. She went on to work on many projects, advocating for renewable energy, organizing volunteers to work on the Wellesley plastic bag ban, tagging the  200+ gas leaks around town, and much more.

Lise says, “For me, the best part of working on the Sustainable Wellesley team was getting to know so many neighbors who are committed to making changes and helping to save our planet.”

The Sustainable Wellesley community is grateful for all of Lise’s contributions and thrilled to have someone committed to environmental stewardship on the Board of Selectmen. Her experience, shared decision-making style and thoughtfulness will strengthen our community on all fronts.

Sustainable Wellesley is a group of volunteers working to make a difference in our community. Click here for a list of the ways you can join us – one time, weekly, and monthly opportunities are listed, as well as ones that relate to your expertise, hobby, and passion. We need you to volunteer to make all of our work possible. Together we can make a difference.

Phyllis Theermann

Please join us THIS Sunday, April 8th from 3.30-5.30pm for our next action meeting at 161 Oakland Street, in the studio above the garage. Topics include:

-Plastic straws reduction initiative
-Rachel Carson Day and parade
-Sewing/crafty folks to make bags and furoshiki wraps
-Fundraising/ Sustainable Wellesley grant
-Light pollution

Action meetings are open to everyone in our community. During these fun, yet actionable, timely meetings, we get together and work on issues and opportunities as a team.

Your ideas and input is important and the more folks working on projects, the more we accomplish. If you are limited on time, come to the meeting anyway and share your thoughts, even if you cant work on a project now. No problem.

Don’t see a topic you are concerned about, let us know by emailing info@sustainablewellesley.com.

Never been before. No worries. We’re an easy going, fun group that works together to make things better.

Let us know if you will join in by emailing us at info@sustainablewellesley.com.


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