Kelly Caiazzo

We’re grateful to everyone who joined us for Sustainable Wellesley and the NRC’s screening of Before the Flood.

I’m all about what’s possible. We saw that it was possible to fill a room with people who wanted to watch a documentary about the environment while serving a plant-based meal with no single-use plastics and entirely compostable or reusable serving ware.


Facing the reality of climate change and thinking about the way it impacts human and animal life on the planet is a heavy topic, but there are ways we can shift our behavior so that we contribute less to the problem. And when others see us making changes and prioritizing the environment when we vote, eat, consume, drive or entertain, public awareness increases and our efforts can compound.

Here are some resources:

Join the “Power to Choose” Program in Wellesley to get your electricity from renewable sources:

Eat some meatless meals. See our guide with links to recipe blogs, a list of great vegetarian meals at local restaurants and other resources for adding some plant-based meals into your week:

Get a Home Energy Assessment: Mass Save has free home energy assessments that can lower your home heating costs and make your home more environmentally friendly by increasing its efficiency.

Consider an electric / hybrid / carpool / alternate transit option: 

Sustainable Wellesley Mobility rEVolution slides.

Great list of available Plug-in Electric Vehicles

  • Anyone interested in further discussion or a test ride in a Tesla Model 3 should contact Scott Bender at

  • Anyone interested in further discussion or a test ride in a Tesla Model S or Tesla Model X can contact Kelly Caiazzo at

  • Drive Green” initiative by Green Energy Consumer’s Alliance has a great feature that allows you to easily compare various EVs, and has pre-arranged discounts on EVs with car dealers.

View the resources from the film: Includes information on supporting carbon taxes, maps of coastal flooding projections, and links to specific environmental initiatives.

Visit the Wellesley Natural Resources Commission page: Find information about the Gas Leaks initiatives , the Healthy Yard campaign, and other ways the NRC encourages Sustainability in Wellesley and protects our green spaces and natural resources.

Take a quiz on your “footprint” for personalized reduction strategies: Several sites offer this.


Vote with the environment in mind. 


Share what you’re doing: We need a shift in public opinion and awareness on climate change. Sharing what you’re doing and why, whether it’s telling someone about your home energy assessment or suggesting you carpool to an event together.

Have other ideas we missed? Want to continue the discussion? Have personal experience with solar panels or carbon offsets you want to share? You can:

  • Come to the next Sustainable Wellesley meeting on April 28th from 12:00 – 1:30 at 161 Oakland St. in Wellesley – the studio above the garage

  • Join a local Facebook group that discusses sustainable living strategies:

  • E-mail us at info@sustainablewellesley

Thanks so much for joining us last night, and we hope to see you again in the future! Our next film is Stink! on May 21st and we’re serving burritos. RSVP here

Thank you for being part of the solution!

Phyllis Theermann

grass lawn

For those looking to have healthy lawns, grab the guide that Sarah Little,Ph.D., and Wellesley resident created when managing Wellesley’s original pesticide reduction campaign. The simple pesticide management guide is available at town hall. Sarah, and Integrated Pest Management expert Chip Osborne, along with Wellesley town arborist Cricket Vlass inspired many of us at the largest Green Collaborative meeting last week with ideas for pesticide-free alternatives for healthy, beautiful lawns which you can have too!

Wellesley College reported that all of its fields are organic. The College is moving towards that for the golf course too as they work for their The Audubon Certification. This award winning education and certification program helps golf courses protect our environment and preserve the natural heritage of the game of golf.  Wellesley Country Club’s new executive course is also striving for this certification.

The Town would like to start a peer group list of Organic landscapers. Please email us at with names of companies you recommend, and we will share the list.

Phyllis Theermann
Image courtesy of Texas Pest Management Association

Image courtesy of Texas Pest Management Association

The Spring Green Collaborative meeting will take place next Wednesday, May 4, from 9:15 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. in the Wakelin Room of the Wellesley Free Library. The valuable program includes a presentation by Chip Osborne on the town’s updated Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan.

Get educated and inspired to reduce pesticide use on your own lawn. Chip will be introduced by Sarah Little, who coordinated the town’s original IPM campaign in 2000 and will provide some background on this important initiative. Town arborist Cricket Vlass will share ideas for planting pesticide-free alternatives such as low maintenance ground cover.

Invite neighbors to encourage them to do this to their lawns too!