Phyllis Theermann

Join us Sunday, November 5th from 1-3pm in the loft overlooking the golf course at 161 Oakland Street for a Sustainable Wellesley get together. Interesting Topics including:

Transportation and clean vehicles discussion from Eleanor Fort, Union of Concerned Scientists
– Food and The Environment
– Winter Film Series
– Gas leaks update – including upcoming pipeline event on 11/6 at the State House

***Please bring clean bandanas, fabric squares, scarves you can donate for Sustainable Wellesley to use at our booth at the Wellesley Marketplace event***

This is a great group of folks who’s actions together make a measurable difference in Wellesley. Plus, the meetings are humorous and on time, so please add this to your calendar. Feel free to invite a friend, family member, work colleague or neighbor.

Never been before? No problem. Sustainable Wellesley gets together a few times a year to talk about issues happening in our community and what we can do to make a difference.

Please email us at to let us know if you will be there, plus issues, concerns, ideas of your own.

See you Sunday! Snacks provided.

Phyllis Theermann

SO many exciting sustainable-minded things happened last year in the Wellesley Public Schools including:

– Impressive senior projects on food waste, bike tours and green building signage at WHS
– 2 state wide food waste awards
– After school ecological program at Bates
– Middle School students grew and served their green house salads
– Lots of sustainable projects at the STEM EXPO
– 4 Wellesley High School Evolutions projects

In addition, Wellesley’s School Department has added another bus to incentivize more public transport, and reduce traffic.

Plus, Wellesley’s Facilities Management Department has moved to a sustainable cleaning initiative for all of the schools (plus, most municipal buildings). They have installed the Tennant Orbio os 3 Generators which uses water, water softener salt pellets, and electricity to create a multi-purpose cleaner and an EPA rated disinfectant. Many thanks to Michael Santangelo, Wellesley’s Custodial Services Manager, who worked on this and other important projects. We wish him luck on his new endeavors.

We are so proud of the students, teachers, administrators and parents involved in these initiatives and many more across the district.

Those interested in learning more about what is happening at the schools, and those with ideas for 2017/2018 school year, please email