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Phyllis Theermann

Sustainable Wellesley will be selling Asclepias incarnata/ swamp milkweed plants this Saturday at July Jubilation.

By planting milkweed in your yard, you are helping the monarch butterfly population. They need to eat milkweed to survive, plus these beautiful pink plants attract even more beautiful butterflies to your home!

Find us at from 9:30 am – 4:30 pm in front of Bruegger’s Bagels.

Come by and learn about new initiatives that the Natural Resources Commission and Sustainable Wellesley have going on.

Phyllis Theermann

Its will be getting cold out there and a few of you that ordered milkweed have yet to pick it up.

Please reach out to Laurel here at laurellanders2003@yahoo.com and let her know what time this week you will come by to pick them up.

Many thanks from the monarch population!

Like most perennial plants, milkweeds (Asclepius incarnata) like being planted in the fall.  The cooler and damper days make it easier for them to acclimate and if you plant soon they can establish well before the winter comes.

Milkweeds are an essential part of the diet for Monarch butterflies – the caterpillars MUST eat it in order to survive.  The plant is attractive with beautiful pink and white flowers that will attract butterflies and other pollinators to your home!

Monarch butterfly populations are down by 90 percent due to habitat loss and the use of pesticides and herbicides!  You can help restore the Monarchs by planting milkweeds in your pesticide and herbicide-free yard.

You can purchase milkweed through here at cost for $2.00 per plug or make a donation and purchase a plug for $5.00.  The plugs grow quickly and are very low maintenance.

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