Phyllis Theermann

Fiske no idling

In order to attain a Silver Award — the second highest award of the Girl Scouts — teens need to identify an issue they care about.

Two Wellesley Middle School Students, Johanna Steensma and Julianne Klurfeld took a look around and decided they wanted to make their community a greener and healthier place by raising awareness about idling at schools.  They worked with Wellesley Green Schools and the Fiske Elementary School to plan a no-idling day where students, including the third grade girl scout troop, held signs and passed out flyers to raise awareness for this problem.

No Idling“Many people got the message and turned their cars off while waiting for their kids,” Steensma and Klurfeld said. “This was a great experience. We worked hard to educate our community and to see this pay off was very rewarding. Overall, we both had fun with this project and hope it will make lasting difference.”

They want to do a special shout out to the girls of the 3rd grade Girl Scout troop at Fiske Elementary School, Kara Thorton and Susan Schumer (leaders of 3rd grade troop), as well as Rachel McGregor, and Eileen Savarese.

Phyllis Theermann

Wellesley Green Schools, with support from the Wellesley Police Department, realizes this is a tough time of year to discuss the State of Massachusetts’ no Idling law but there are many reasons TO talk about it.

These include our children, our health, finances, gas consumption, penalties, car maintenance, air pollution, climate change and much more.

Wellesley Green Schools is launching this “Turn Your Key, Be Idle Free” Campaign to educate our community that beyond the State law of not idling, there are millions of reasons why it is important to reduce idling in Wellesley.

Take a look at this and you will be surprised at what you will learn.

Idling_infographic_FINALWe thank the many local public and private organizations that are supporting this initiative. For more information, go to