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Phyllis Theermann

We had a great time making beautiful, reusable gift fabric squares last week at the Council on Aging but we need MORE wraps.

Sustainable Wellesley is looking for folks who can sew easy fabric squares that will be turned into Japanese Furoshiki style wrap gifts at the Wellesley Marketplace in November. 

This fun project is a simple way to make a difference to reduce plastic waste and non-recyclable gift wrap.

Imagine how many bags and bows we can keep out of our waste stream with these simple cloths that can be used over and over.

Folks can sew from home and we will pick up donated squares. Please consider donating fabric as well. Simply email us at info@sustainableWellesley.com.

Here are the details:

Sew Furoshiki Cloths:
Cut a square piece of fabric a little larger than your desired size. 20″ and 28”  are standard finished sizes, but in general any square that’s about 3x larger than the object being wrapped works well.  Fold in each of the edges a quarter inch and iron; fold again and iron. Find instructions online for sewing mitered corners, follow and then sew around the perimeter of your prepared cloth in the middle of the fold. Flexible fabrics like thin cotton work best for tying.  For instructions on hemming and three different corner options, click here.

Please e-mail info@sustainablewellesley.com when you have completed some and Sustainable Wellesley will make plans to collect your cloths. Be sure to save wraps for yourself. To learn how to fold furoshiki gift wrap, click here.

Please Donate Fabric

-Flexible fabrics are ideal! Stiff fabrics are hard to tie furoshiki style
-Fabric remnants measuring at least 20″ square work best


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