We have an important primary election coming up in Massachusetts the day after Labor Day — Tuesday, September 4. As environmentalists, the most important thing we can do is VOTE. Let us know if you want an election reminder from Sustainable Wellesley — click HERE to sign up!

What’s at stake in the primary?
There are a number of contested races that will decide the nominees from the Democratic and Republican state parties for the general election (November 6). The League of Women Voters of Massachusetts has an amazing online voter’s guide to the State Primary Election that allows you to enter your address, choose a ballot (Democratic or Republican), and see who is running in every race! Click HERE.

Here are a few really important races to focus on:
– US Senate: There’s a three-way race for the Republican nominee.
– Governor: You have a choice of candidates whether you choose a Democratic or Republican ballot.
– Lieutenant Governor: Two candidates are running for the Democratic nomination.
– Secretary of State: There’s a hotly contested race for the Democratic nominee for secretary of state.
– Governor’s Council: This is a little-known but high-stakes position — the -Governor’s Council has an important in the approval of judges and other -public officials nominated by the governor. There are two candidates for the Democratic nominee for Norfolk County, which includes Wellesley precincts A, C, D, E, H.
– State Senate: Voters in Wellesley precincts B, F, and G have three candidates to choose from for the Democratic nominee for state senator from the Norfolk, Bristol, and Middlesex district. (The rest of Wellesley is represented by state Senator Cynthia Creem, who is unopposed in the primary.)

Our state and local officials are likely to have the biggest impact on our immediate environment and our state’s longterm environmental health — so please VOTE on Tuesday, September 4!

If you wont be in town, student is away at college, are physically disabled or have religious objections to the date simply apply for an Absentee Ballot. August 31st is the deadline for applying for an Absentee Ballot for the September 4th election but fill one out at Wellesley’s Town Clerks office in Town Hall soon so you have time to get the form mailed back and forth. For more information, call the Town Clerk’s office a 781-431-1019, ext. 2252, or go visit them Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.; Tuesday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Friday’s 8 a.m. – Noon.

If YOU are considering becoming a candidate for Town office going forward, now is the time to get organized for the March 5, 2019 Town Election! The League of Women Voters in Wellesley is sponsoring an evening to discuss how Wellesley’s town government works, what offices will be on the ballot in March, and the nuts and bolts of running a campaign. Add Wednesday, November 28th, 7:30 – 9 pm to your calendar and learn “How to Run for Public Office”. The meeting is at the Warren Building, in room 008 and light refreshments will be served.


The current legislative session ends on July 31 and the House is meeting in formal session this week! Please call today to urge Rep. Alice Peisch to make sure that energy stays at the top of the list of important priorities for the House. The Senate has already passed a far-reaching clean energy bill that could be a model for the country. We need the House to step up!

Our partners at Mass Power Forward have created a suggested script — just click here and then make the call!

Do it from the office, the beach, etc.