Phyllis Theermann

Bring your family, neighbors and friends to march about environmental concerns in the Wellesley Parade this Sunday. Folks are lining up at 12.45pm on the corner of Elm and Washington Streets. Bring a wagon for the little ones. We have butterfly signs and pinwheels for them to hold.

Look for the sailboat and an electric vehicle promoting healthy, clean wind energy as well as the butterflies and flowers promoting healthy lawns and pollinators.  Sustainable Wellesley, Wellesley Green Schools, Friends of Morses Pond, Wellesley Conservation CouncilWellesley Natural Resources Commission, Friends of Brookside and others will march together. It’s so much fun, please join us!

You will enjoy the shout outs and cheers from friendly spectators along the route.

We are grateful to Laurel for organizing us, the Bender Family for building the float, the Wellesley Municipal Light Plant for their support, and the Wellesley Wonderful Weekend Parade organizers.

There is a great deal of environmental enthusiasm in town. Simply, email to learn how you can get involved.

Phyllis Theermann

Idling  Is Against the Law
Has Costs & is

Town departments across Wellesley, Girl Scout Troop 73505 and Wellesley Green Schools are proud to launch the Earth Day 2019 No Idling Campaign.

Commencing on Earth Day, Monday, April 22, Girl Scouts have been out at a variety of schools thanking drivers for NOT IDLING with handmade car fresheners with a no idling message.

The Girl Scouts are sharing the message that not only is idling against the law and there are costs associated with idling, but it’s unhealthy, especially for children around school car lines.

Thanks to a coordinated campaign with Wellesley’s Board of Selectmen, Health, Police, Public Works, Recreation, and School Departments, as well as Wellesley’s Housing Authority,  Natural Resources Commission, the Municipal Light Plant, Sustainable Energy Committee, Trails Committee, Wellesley Free Library, and Youth Commission, in conjunction with Dana Hall School, Friends of Brookside, Friends of Morses Pond, Sustainable Wellesley, Temple Beth Elohim Green Team,  UU Wellesley, Wellesley Cancer Prevention Project, Wellesley Village Church, Wellesley Conservation Council, Wellesley Council on Aging, Wellesley Green Schools, Wellesley Hills Congregational Church, Wellesley United Soccer Club, Wellesley Weston Chabad House, Wellesley Youth Baseball & Softball, Wellesley Youth Lacrosse Club, and the inspirational Girl Scout Troop 73505, it will be hard to ignore the town-wide no idling messaging.  

Look for IT’S VITAL NOT TO IDLE signs at schools as well as at the RDF, at Longfellow Pond and other areas around Wellesley. There are MANY good reasons not to idle.

Did you know?


  • 40+ hazardous air pollutants are emitted from engine exhaust

  • 10 seconds of idling wastes more fuel than restarting the engine

  • Driving warms up your car 2 times faster than idling on a cold day

  • 5 minutes is the legal limit before violating Massachusetts State Law

  • Penalties for the first offense is $100 and the second and subsequent are $500

  • Children have developing respiratory systems, breathe 50% more air per pound of body weight than adults, and are closer to exhaust pipes

  • Outdoor air pollution is one of the 8 leading triggers for asthma attacks

  • 1 gallon of gas produces 17lbs of CO 2 – a contributor to greenhouse gases

  • 2 minutes of idling uses as much fuel as traveling 1 mile

Consider turning your engine off the next time you are waiting in the car. It can improve public health, protect the environment and enhance the quality of life.

Phyllis Theermann
Quentin Prideaux, Sustainable Wellesley President, and John Adams, Rotary Club President, right, remove styrofoam trays to bring in compostable ones for the upcoming Rotary Breakfast Festival

Quentin Prideaux, Sustainable Wellesley President, and John Adams, Rotary Club President, right, remove styrofoam trays to bring in compostable ones for the upcoming Rotary Breakfast Festival

That is right. We said no styrofoam at the beloved Rotary Club of Wellesley Annual Breakfast Festival!

The Rotary Club of Wellesley will be hosting the 55th annual pancake festival — now called the “Breakfast Festival” — on Saturday, May 21st in the Wellesley Middle School cafeteria from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm. In a new twist, the Rotarians will use compostable trays and utensils instead of Styrofoam to serve all-you-can eat pancakes — including gluten-free! The menu also includes yogurt, fruit, ham, coffee, and drinks. Composting and recycling stations will be provided to bring the event closer to a zero waste goal, and local company Bootstrap Compost will collect all the compostable material.

“The Rotary Club of Wellesley is proud to take steps towards a more sustainable future and partner with Sustainable Wellesley,” said John Adams, Club President. “Wellesley’s growing environmental consciousness can be seen throughout our community and we are making strides to do our part,” Adams said. Proceeds from the festival benefit the Wellesley Little League, as well as Rotary Club of Wellesley programs such as The Emotional Wellness Project, The Tutoring Project, and The Arbor Day Project.

The event marks a new connection between the Rotary and the local grassroots group Sustainable Wellesley. “We are thrilled to support the Rotary in adapting this beloved town tradition,” said Quentin Prideaux, Sustainable Wellesley President. “For years, this event has been a great community builder for Wellesley — and now it will be earth-friendly as well,” Prideaux said.

Breakfast goers will find Rotary-sourced compostable trays, flatware sponsored by Fulham Co., as well as composting stations and green ambassadors coordinated by Sustainable Wellesley. Volunteers are needed to help guests put their things in the correct bin, and are requested to sign up for a one hour time slot here.

Tickets are $5.00 (or 5 for $ 20.00) and can be purchased from your favorite Wellesley Little Leaguer; the Roche Brothers Courtesy Desk; on-Line at the Wellesley Rotary On-Line Store; or at the door. Children 3 years old & under are free.