Phyllis Theermann


As may of us know, the Town of Wellesley approved a $3.8M purchase of the 7.85 acre property and started on plans to convert 900 Worcester Project into a recreation area featuring a pool, ice skating rinks, and playing fields.

You can learn more from the Wellesley Townsman article, but highlights are that Wellesley Sports Center, LLC will develop “two NHL size hockey rinks, 10 lanes (25 yards) lengthwise to bulkhead, plus three lanes (25 yards) widthwise and a smaller (50′ x 25′) warm water teaching/therapy pool, an indoor 90′ x 150′ (suitable for 7v7 high school soccer) turf field, fitness area with physical therapy (4,800 sf) and strength and conditioning (6,600 sf).”

This is exciting for many in town. However, we need to think about how this building can be built and run in a manor that will assist Wellesley to meet its goal to reduce its carbon footprint by 25%.

Join a group of folks wanting to learn and share more on this mutual goal. Email to be connected to this team.

Phyllis Theermann

grass lawn

For those looking to have healthy lawns, grab the guide that Sarah Little,Ph.D., and Wellesley resident created when managing Wellesley’s original pesticide reduction campaign. The simple pesticide management guide is available at town hall. Sarah, and Integrated Pest Management expert Chip Osborne, along with Wellesley town arborist Cricket Vlass inspired many of us at the largest Green Collaborative meeting last week with ideas for pesticide-free alternatives for healthy, beautiful lawns which you can have too!

Wellesley College reported that all of its fields are organic. The College is moving towards that for the golf course too as they work for their The Audubon Certification. This award winning education and certification program helps golf courses protect our environment and preserve the natural heritage of the game of golf.  Wellesley Country Club’s new executive course is also striving for this certification.

The Town would like to start a peer group list of Organic landscapers. Please email us at with names of companies you recommend, and we will share the list.