Phyllis Theermann

The MWRA Free Drinking Water Fountain is coming to the Schofield Road Race this Sunday! This is the first time this very cool Water Fountain has visited Wellesley.

Schedule this fountain for your next event. The fountain provides free chilled drinking water to public event-goers in Boston and other MWRA service communities. Just bring your own bottle or cup and fill it at the fountain for free, or try drinking from one of the old-fashioned bubblers. Either way, the water is fresh, local and safe, and you don’t have to spend extra money on bottled water or worry about throwing away an empty container.

MWRA’s water comes from the pristine and protected Quabbin and Wachusett Reservoirs in Central Massachusetts. It is treated according to strict state and federal standards and tested every step of the way to your tap.

If you are planning a public event within the MWRA service area and would like to book our free fountain, please contact Katie Ronan, MWRA, (617) 788-1177.

Phyllis Theermann

water fountain

Initiated by the Upham Green Team and generously sponsored by the PTO, Wellesley Schools’ facility maintenance staff installed a new water filling station at Upham. These have been a huge hit at Wellesley High School, saving thousands of plastic bottles from landfills. The School Department plans to request at least one in every school as part of our FY16 capital plan.

Phyllis Theermann

sprague recycling binIn keeping with the spring sports season and the observance of Earth Day, Sustainable Wellesley has started a campaign to lessen the amount of plastic waste on our town sports fields.

The volunteer group in town is asking all of the Wellesley sports leagues to urge players and parents to bring reusable bottles for water and sports drinks, instead of bringing disposable bottled drinks to games and practices.

Doing so is an easy way to reduce the 1.5 million tons of plastic waste per year that bottled water produces.

Michael T. Quinn, Assistant Superintendent / Deputy Tree Warden at Wellesley’s Department of Public Works and his team are happy to announce that they have added recycling bins to ALL sports fields, making recycling even easier.

In addition, drinking fountains have been newly installed and replaced on nearly all of the fields so players, coaches and spectators are welcome to bring a reusable bottle or grab a drink on the field. Ouellet and Philips Park are scheduled to receive drinking fountains next year.

Do your part to use less. Recycling protects our local habitat and biodiversity, while saving energy, water, and resources.