TOMORROW- Friday Sept. 20th


TOMORROW —  Friday, September 20th — join millions of people worldwide who will be taking part in global climate strikes to demand politicians start treating the climate crisis like the emergency it is.

Locally, Wellesley College students are inviting the Wellesley community to join them for a climate protest.

3:00pm – March from Wellesley College (meet at 3pm at the Chapel Lawn)

3.30pm – Rally at Wellesley’s Town Hall

-Feel free to march or meet them at the Town Hall.

There will be music, poetry slams, artwork and more.
Mark your calendars, and ask family, friends, neighbors and work colleagues to join you.

“We believe that there is hope for change, but that it will not come without our immediate action,” said representatives of Wellesley College EnAct (the College’s Environmental Action Organization). “Through our local strike, we are demanding this action from our international, national, and local leaders. We want this strike to provide an opportunity for us to connect as a community and work towards climate justice together,” EnAct said.


“This shouldn’t be just the children’s responsibility,” Greta Thunberg, 16 year old Swedish student, raising global awareness of the risks posed by climate change. “Now, the adults also need to help us. We are calling for them to strike from their work, we need everyone. There is nothing we can’t do, if not you, then who else, if not now, then when?” Thunberg said.


Sunrise Movement No Excuses protest on Capitol Hill, Washington DC Offices visited Hakeem Jeffries and Steny Hoyer.COll

We encourage you to extend your engagement with Sustainable Wellesley by sponsoring a bright Wellesley College student named Emily LaShelle who is dedicated to solving the climate crisis with her peers at Sunrise Movement. Let her carry our energy and voices to fight for a better future and run campaigns pushing for the Green New Deal.

The Sunrise Movement is a group of young people who have dedicated their lives to solving the climate crisis. Since the election, they have played a huge part in pushing forward our collective futures through the Green New Deal Campaign.

– They organized over 250 office visits to our Representatives
– Made thousands of phone calls and tweets
– And brought 1,000 young people to DC and 300 to San Francisco to call on Democratic Leadership to back Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Select Committee for a Green New Deal.

Their bold actions have earned thousands of news stories, moved dozens of Representatives to back the Select Committee, and inspired tens of thousands of people into the movement. Most of those successes have been at the hands of committed volunteers who are eager to keep the momentum going into 2019.

Emily is one of those incredible organizers. Please consider sponsoring this smart, motivated, local college woman to do her work with Sunrise throughout the spring. Simply click here. In total she is aiming for $4,800, which will cover her 6-month stay with the program. Every month, funds will cover:

Housing + Utilities: $450
Food $150
Campaign Materials: $75
Personal Expenses: $100
Program Coordination: $125

Thank you for your consideration.

Phyllis Theermann

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