Wellesley Green Schools

Wellesley Green Schools

WGS_web_Header-940x198-V2Wellesley Green Schools is a collaborative group of students, parents and staff working together to reduce the schools’ ecological footprint and inspire them to be ecologically minded citizens.

Our goal is to inspire students to create a healthy sustainable world. Together, we can help Wellesley school students learn environmental responsibility through various waste and energy reduction, and other earth friendly initiatives. This in turn will help create healthy, sustainable, schools and community.

Are you a teacher, family or parent interested in making your school or classroom more sustainable?

From getting your classroom green certified to specific room tips, idling information, food recovery programs, or end of year up cycling options, we have it all. Click on the green word above that describes you, and check out the variety of resources we have. We are confident that when you look at your daily activities through “green colored glasses”,  you will be inspired to be kinder to our planet.

This year the team is focusing on 5 major areas:

1.) Recycling/Waste – work with NRC/SEC on waste reduction issues on playgrounds, recycling and composting considerations

2.) Transportation – look at reducing traffic, increasing walk/biking options and less idling

3.) Environmental Curriculum and Curriculum Enhancements

4.) Grant writing

5.) Communication

If you are interested in getting more involved in one of these areas and/or you know of others that you think would like to work on one or several of these initiatives, please contact the green team leader at your school or Jessica@WellesleyGreenSchools.com.

Thank for working to help Wellesley students learn environmental responsibility through various recycling, waste reduction and other earth-friendly initiatives.




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