End of Year Locker Clean Out

recyclemobileIn May and June there are teachers and students all over the country unloading everything from their lockers, desks, closets and drawers after another successful school year. So where should it go?

Many folks do reuse, but for those that never really considered it before, please do. Instead of throwing out the spiral notebooks that aren’t written in cover-to-cover, tear out the used pages, recycle them and then use the notebooks for the next academic year, scrap paper, etc. Some use the spirals of used notebooks for art projects, in the garden and other fun ideas. Those binders full of notes can also be recycled (the paper) and reused (binders).

Don’t forget about the old writing utensils. There is a group in Illinois that takes pre-used crayons and sorts them into sets for underprivileged school children. They take the broken pieces and remelt them into “super crayons” in larger shapes for students with special needs.

Click here to find out how to give those non-functioning erasers new life.

There are also many book rescue programs nationwide in which they take pre owned books and find new homes for them (schools, children even the troops!). Try your local library or do a Google search for the one in your neighborhood.

Not so crafty? Your kids probably are. Show them the spirals from the notebook, left over small pencils, erasers, old art work, projects, you name it and they will probably make some incredible recycled art with it. Saved a tree, some money, and give your children the creative freedom to renew.