Introducing Sprague’s Green Bean Award

green bean

Sprague teacher and Wellesley Green School Council member Kristan Fiore launched The Green Bean Award at Sprague School this week. This cute character started off as a simple wooden human mini mannequin. Last year he was passed through each classroom at Sprague School where the students decided which material they would like recycle and add to him to create the inspiring character he has become.

Students are on the look out for “Green Bean” activities – sustainable practices- amongst their peers. When they observe other classrooms recycling, composting, using both sides of the paper, having the majority of the classroom participating in littlerless lunches or walking/scootering/biking/carpooling/busing to school they can award the Green Bean to that classroom.

The Green Bean award will proudly reside in that classroom for the week as those students are on the look out for the next deserving classroom.

The goal is to encourage life styles in school and home that use less resources and make less of an impact.

Congratulations Sprague and Mrs. Fiori for this creative and inspiring idea.