January is Clothing/Textile Donation Month

7gRecycleBinThe U.S. EPA estimates that textile waste occupies nearly 5% of all landfill waste and that the average US citizen throws away 70 pounds of clothing annually!

The answer to this problem is remarkably simple. Since the mid 1940’s U.S. charities and the post-consumer textile recycling industry have repurposed and recycled billions of pounds of clothing, household textiles, shoes, and accessories. This ensures that old clothing, footwear, and textiles continue to add value to the U.S. economy and beyond. Click here for more information on textile recycling: http://www.weardonaterecycle.org.

Consider hosting a clothing/shoes/textile collection in your schools this January and promoting the event as both a community service and earth friendly!

Newsletter blurb: New year, new resolutions! Are you cleaning out closets and clutter this January?  Please help us take textiles out of landfills by simply donating and recycling what you buy and wear when no longer useful. These efforts not only create a much-needed source of revenue for nonprofits, but also continue the sustainable practice of recycling second hand clothing.