Sprague Gets Green Certified!

Students and teachers at Sprague School worked hard to reach the goal of having each classroom Green Certified by March 17th (the other Green holiday).

sprague goes green townsmanProud, smiling faces were seen all over the school as they practiced what they pledged to do:

Create a healthy, sustainable world starting with their classrooms.

From reading books with eco-friendly themes, to using both sides of a piece of paper and turning off lights, computers and water when not in use, as well as recycling, the Sprague community is doing its part to take care of our planet Earth.

Wellesley Green Schools, leading this all-town program, reports that the Upham School was completely Green Certified last year and Schoefield will be working with WHS students to get theirs fully completed this year as well. This program was developed from a similar initiative the WHS Green Team created a few years ago.

Parents reported seeing these ecologically minded citizens at home too.