State Environmental Officials Honor WMS and Others Across the Commonwealth with 2011-12 ‘Green Team’ Awards

State Environmental Officials Honor Schools, Classes Across the Commonwealth
with 2011-12 ‘Green Team’ Awards

Environmental Stewardship Educational Activities Deserving of Recognition

BOSTON – Students in 102 classes from 99 schools across the Commonwealth received special recognition for their outstanding environmental actions as members of the “Green Team,” a statewide environmental education program promoted by the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) and Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP).

Students of any age can participate in the Green Team program, an initiative that is comprised of students who share the goals of reducing pollution and protecting the environment. Nearly 94,000 students in more than 400 classes at 322 schools joined the Green Team this school year.

“What today’s students learn in this program will help them become the environmental leaders of tomorrow,” said Governor Deval Patrick. “Their work, and the work of their teachers, will help benefit the Commonwealth for generations to come.”

Students took part in a range of activities that included expanding school recycling programs, starting a compost pile used in gardens where food was grown for the school cafeteria, making their school driveways “Idle-Free Zones,” and increasing energy efficiency in their schools and communities. The activities incorporated all disciplines, from science, engineering and mathematics to reading, writing and art into classroom and non-classroom related projects.

“Green Team teachers and students become empowered with tools they can put into practice at school, home and in our communities to bring about positive environmental change,” said EEA Secretary Rick Sullivan. “I congratulate all of the teachers and students who led the way during the past school year to raise environmental awareness through Green Team activities.”

Participating classes were entered into a drawing for prizes, and 102 classes received prizes for their efforts (see list below). Fourteen schools won grand prizes, and will receive school-wide performances by environmental educators Jack Golden, Peter O’Malley and Earthtunes, or gift cards to local garden centers for trees or garden supplies to further “green” their schools.

“The Green Team educational program helps students take action to protect our natural resources,” said MassDEP Commissioner Kenneth Kimmell. “Green Team students develop creative approaches to environmental stewardship and make a big difference in their schools and communities with their energy conservation, recycling, composting and pollution prevention projects.”

Participating teachers also received a Green Team Kit containing classroom posters, lesson plans, recycling tips and access to a library of other resources. In addition, 70 schools received recycling equipment from the Green Team to initiate or expand school recycling programs. Eighteen schools received signs reading “Idle-Free Zone” from the Green Team that serve as a visual reminder to drivers to turn off their engines while waiting in the schoolyard.

Teacher Cheryl Johnston at the Lt. Job Lane Elementary School in Bedford said, “Our whole school community has benefited from the programs sponsored by the Lane School Green Team.  Representatives from every class attend three meetings a year and help educate their classmates on recycling, gardening and environmental topics.”

At the Mary Lee Burbank School in Belmont, Green Team parent coordinator Amanda Mujica noted, “We are becoming a more thoughtful school community – recycling at school events, using our organic garden in the classroom and planting for more use in the cafeteria, composting much of our lawn waste and starting to compost cafeteria waste.”

“Students now approach their recycling and composting activities as a natural progression of daily school events,” said Judith Hebert, a teacher at Selser Memorial School in Chicopee.  “They proudly state that ‘We recycle everything at Selser School!’”

All the students at St. Mary of the Annunciation School in Danvers help with the recycling program and made a butterfly garden at the school. “Our students care about the environment by recycling on a daily basis,” said teacher Stacy Drector.

At Tri-County Schools in Easthampton, teacher Danielle Crescione reported that “the students are participating in all our gardening, recycling, composting and agricultural projects. This has been a wonderful opportunity for our students of all ages to get connected with nature, the community, and how to make a difference in their local community. It has truly been amazing to see the change in our school.”

First-grade students at the Frank M. Silvia School in Fall River created recycled art projects and planted marigolds from their soda bottle terrariums in the school courtyard. “My students were able to recognize how important recycling is for our world,” said teacher Kimberly Katz. “They learned that recycling can be fun!”

Students at Clyde Brown Elementary School in Millis held a Waste-Free day, planted a tree and a butterfly garden outside the classrooms. “Our Terracycle, plastics, cans and bottles, as well as paper recycling, is a huge success,” said teacher Laura Doherty.

At the Kennedy Middle School in Natick, students sold reusable water bottles and snack bags and started recycling competitions among the grade levels. “The students are more aware of their actions, more aware of the problem on a local and global level and have increased their problem-solving capabilities,” said teacher Ellen Brenneman.

North Andover Middle School reduced the typical volume of trash from 40 bags to 12 by increasing the types and amounts of materials recycled. “Next year we plan on composting and instituting a garden in the courtyard!” said long-time Green Team members Anne Bates and Lisa Conti.

A majority of the students at Thomas Prince School in Princeton participated in a variety of Green Team activities, such as poster-making, school grounds cleanup and creating a garden in the school courtyard. “Through efforts by the Green Team, all yard waste in the school’s organic garden is being composted in bins obtained from MassDEP’s Green Team,” said parent Green Team volunteer Corey Burnham-Howard. “Compost will be used to supplement the soil in the organic school garden.”

More than 6,600 students pledged to reduce, reuse, recycle; walk, bike, carpool or take public transportation; and conserve energy and water to help protect the environment. Many of the students encouraged their parents to take an idling-reduction pledge and turn off car engines while parked or waiting. Other students tracked the trash generated in their home for one month, subtracting the amount of trash their family eliminated via recycling. Other activities included improving school recycling or composting programs, conserving energy at school, visiting recycling facilities, meeting with municipal officials, planting school gardens, seeking alternatives to Styrofoam lunch trays, building solar-powered vehicles, and creating signs, posters, videos and web pages to raise environmental awareness in their school community.

All participating classes received Certificates of Recognition, “Trash Terminator” bookmarks or pencils made from recycled products. A grand prize drawing was held among classes that achieved the highest level of participation. Grand prizes included: a performance by Jack Golden, entitled “Garbage is My Bag”; a recycling and conservation show by Peter O’Malley; an environmental concert by Earthtunes, and a gift card to a nearby garden center for plants or school gardening supplies. Other Green Team prizes included Green Team wrist bands, biodegradable corn resin key rings, information wheels, and “Compost Matters” activity books.

To learn more or to participate in The Green Team program next school year, teachers may sign up on-line at: The following are the Green Team Prize winners:

Grand Prize Winners  (School Name – Community – Teacher – Grade – Green Team Prize)

  • Lt. Job Lane Elementary School – Bedford – Cheryl Johnston – 3-5 – Earthtunes Concert
  • Mary Lee Burbank Elementary School – Belmont – Amanda Mujica – K-4 – Earthtunes Concert
  • Selser Memorial School – Chicopee – Judith Hebert – K-5 – Garden Supplies
  • St. Mary Of The Annunciation School – Danvers – Stacy Drector – PreK-8 – Garden Supplies
  • Tri-County Schools Easthampton – Danielle Crescione – K-12 – Garden Supplies
  • Frank M. Silvia Elementary School – Fall River – Kimberly Katz 1 – Recycling Show
  • Memorial Early Childhood Center – Middleborough – Heather Lawson-Comeau – K – Recycling Show
  • Clyde F. Brown Elementary School – Millis – Laura Doherty – K-4 – Recycling Show
  • J F Kennedy Middle School – Natick – Ellen Brenneman – 6-8 – Recycling Show
  • North Andover Middle School – North Andover – Anne Bates & Lisa Conti – 6-8 – Garden Supplies
  • Thomas Prince School – Princeton – Corey Burnham-Howard – K-8 – Garden Supplies
  • Laurence C. MacArthur Elementary School South – Yarmouth – Audrey Lee – PreK-3 – Earthtunes Concert
  • The Grow School – Southbridge – Martha Burkett – K-7 – Recycling Show
  • Stanley School – Swampscott – Pamela Angelakis – K-4 – Recycling Show

Green Team Winners  (School Name – Community – Teacher – Grade – Green Team Prize) 

  • The Victor School Acton Stephen Zwink 8-12 Wristbands
  • Benjamin J. Phelps Elementary School Agawam Jane Sauter K Compost Activity Books
  • Granger Elementary School Agawam Tammy Rumplik 3 Hazardous Waste Info Wheels
  • Roberta G. Doering School Agawam Celeste Basile 5 Recycling Info Wheels
  • Roberta G. Doering School Agawam Kathy Jediny 6 Wristbands
  • Oakmont Regional High School Ashburnham Alana Archangelo 9-12 Corn Resin Key Rings
  • Rainbow Workshop And Learning Center Assonet/Freetown Elizabeth Lawton PreK-4 Compost Activity Books
  • Ayer High School Ayer Amy Allaire 9-12 Wristbands
  • Centerville Elementary School Beverly Kris Melanson 3-5 Wristbands
  • Hannah Elementary School Beverly Tanya O’Malley 5 Recycling Info Wheels
  • Dorchester Youth Alternative Academy Boston Ruth Reiffanaugh 6-8 Wristbands
  • Edward M. Kennedy Academy For Health Careers Boston Angela Cappucci 9-12 Wristbands
  • Boylston Elementary School Boylston Kathy Murphy 6 Composting Info Wheels
  • Maria L Baldwin School Cambridge Marty Wrin 1 Compost Activity Books
  • Dean S. Luce Elementary School Canton Garrett Clancy 4-5 Wristbands
  • Warren Prescott School Charlestown Tina Champagne 5 Wristbands
  • Hoosac Valley High School Cheshire Timothy Herrmann 9-12 Corn Resin Key Rings
  • Wahconah Regional High School Dalton April LeSage 11 Corn Resin Key Rings
  • Danvers High School Danvers Matthew Bencal 9-12 Wristbands
  • Holten-Richmond Middle School Danvers John Hodsdon 6 Wristbands
  • Ursuline Academy Dedham Barbara Brandt 7-12 Recycled Denim Pencils
  • Brookside Elementary School Dracut Denise Porcello 2 Wristbands
  • Eastham Elementary School Eastham Maggie Brown 5 Wristbands
  • Hastings Middle School Fairhaven Ann Richard 6-8 Wristbands
  • Gabriel Abbott School Florida Lori Austin 4,7 Recycling Info Wheels
  • Muddy Brook Elementary School Great Barrington Glendon Chamberlin 1 Compost Activity Books
  • Florence Roche Elementary School Groton Ellen Potter 4 Wristbands
  • Hancock Elementary School Hancock Rachel Bodine 3-4 Recycled Denim Pencils
  • Hancock Elementary School Hancock Cynthia Grippaldi 5-6 Composting Info Wheels
  • Cardinal Cushing Center Hanover Brian Giampietro Vocational Corn Resin Key Rings
  • Harwich Elementary School Harwich Sam Hein PreK-4 Wristbands
  • Harwich Middle School Harwich Sally Andreola 5-7 Wristbands
  • Dr. Paul Nettle Middle School Haverhill Ted Becker 6 Wristbands
  • Hingham High School Hingham Richard Swanson 9-12 Composting Info Wheels
  • Hopedale Memorial School Hopedale Jane LeClaire 4 Wristbands
  • Gateway Regional High School Huntington Lyn Avery 5-12 Wristbands
  • Curley K-8 School Jamaica Plain Jennifer Felicetti-Magsino 6-8 Wristbands
  • George R. Austin Intermediate School Lakeville Beth McNamara 5 Wristbands
  • Minuteman Career And Technical High School Lexington Nina Griffin 9-12 Hazardous Waste Info Wheels
  • Benjamin F. Butler Middle School Lowell Eilish Connaughton 5-8 Wristbands
  • Joseph G. Pyne Arts Magnet School Lowell Deborah Kerr 3 Wristbands
  • Katherine P. Stoklosa Middle School Lowell Elinor Sadlier 5-8 Wristbands
  • Sullivan Middle School Lowell Melissa Hickey 7-8 Wristbands
  • Manchester Jr- Sr High School Manchester Eric Magers K-12 Corn Resin Key Rings
  • Sippican School Marion Barbara Moody PreK Compost Activity Books
  • Old Rochester Regional High School Mattapoisett Lynn Connor 11-12 Corn Resin Key Rings
  • Fowler School Maynard Deb Roussell 6 Wristbands
  • Maynard High School Maynard Philip Grandin 9-12 Corn Resin Key Rings
  • Helen R. Donaghue School Merrimac Susan Simmons 4 Recycling Info Wheels
  • Greater New Bedford  Voc.Tech. H. S. N.B., Christopher Pires & Lawrence Carlesi 9-12 Corn Resin Key Rings
  • Hayden McFadden School New Bedford Beth Andrews 3-5 Composting Info Wheels
  • Nativity Preparatory School Of New Bedford New Bedford David Stanton 5-8 Wristbands
  • River Valley Charter School Newburyport Karen Popken 1-3 Wristbands
  • Newton South High School Newton Sally Rosen 9-12 Composting Info Wheels
  • Norwell Middle School Norwell Christina Bailey 6-8 Wristbands
  • The Childrens Workshop Norwood Robyn Beardsley PreK Compost Activity Books
  • Captain Samuel Brown School Peabody Diane Bugler 4-5 Wristbands
  • Allendale Elementary School Pittsfield Nancy Gagnon 1 Recycled Denim Pencils
  • Snug Harbor Community School Quincy Joyce Wells 4-5 Wristbands
  • Henry T. Wing School Sandwich Chris Dintino K-8 Wristbands
  • Buckland-Shelburne Elementary School Shelburne Falls Karen Eldred PreK Compost Activity Books
  • Pine Hill Elementary School Sherborn Mary Lucey 3 Composting Info Wheels
  • Somerset Berkeley Regional High School Somerset Krystal Cardoza 9-12 Wristbands
  • Excel High School South Boston Kerry Troup 9-12 Wristbands
  • Alfred G. Zanetti Montessori Magnet School Springfield Mimi Kaplan K-8 Wristbands
  • Elizabeth Stevens Brown Elementary School Swansea Valerie Bushell 4 Recycling Info Wheels
  • Elizabeth Stevens Brown Elementary School Swansea Carol Maynard 5 Recycling Info Wheels
  • Joseph Case Jr High Swansea Jessica Sanchez 6-8 Corn Resin Key Rings
  • Joseph G. Luther Elementary School Swansea Lindsay Dopart 3 Recycling Info Wheels
  • Montague Elementary School Turners Falls Annmarie Hallowell PreK-5 Wristbands
  • Greater Lowell Technical High School Tyngsboro Deb Gustafson 9-12 Hazardous Waste Info Wheels
  • Notre Dame Academy Tyngsboro Priscille LeBlanc K-8 Wristbands
  • School To Work Program (Arc Of East Middlesex) Wakefield James Carnazza 9-12 Wristbands
  • Walpole High School Walpole Karen Baumgartner 9-12 Corn Resin Key Rings
  • Ware High School Ware Valerie Wlodyka 7-12 Wristbands
  • Quaboag Regional Middle/High School Warren Nick Bostock 11 Wristbands
  • Warwick Community School Warwick Jennifer Comiskey 3-4 Recycling Info Wheels
  • Wellesley Middle School Wellesley Sanford Bogage 6-8 Recycling Info Wheels
  • Ezra Baker Elementary School West Dennis Eileen Kalivas K-3 Compost Activity Books
  • Mattacheese Middle School West Yarmouth Alice Buckler 7 Wristbands
  • North Middle School Westfield Michael Dulaski 7 Wristbands
  • Hampshire Regional High School Westhampton Tara O’Brien 9 Corn Resin Key Rings
  • Helen E. James Elementary School Williamsburg Johanna Korpita 1 Compost Activity Books
  • Abundant Life Christian School Wilmington Elizabeth Travers K Compost Activity Books
  • Lynch Elementary School Winchester Katie Duffy & Laura Goldberg 4 Wristbands
  • Shamrock Elementary School Woburn Alison McDaniel 3-5 Wristbands
  • Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public School Worcester Judith Luber-Narod 9-12 Corn Resin Key Rings
  • Woodland Academy Worcester Jillian Tamburro 5 Recycling Info Wheels


MassDEP is responsible for ensuring clean air and water, safe management and recycling of solid and hazardous wastes, timely cleanup of hazardous waste sites and spills, and the preservation of wetlands and coastal resources.