Resources for Teachers, Parents and Families


Wellesley Green Schools is a collaborative group of students, parents and staff working together to reduce the schools’ ecological footprint and inspire them to be ecologically minded citizens.

Are you a teacher, family or parent interested in making your school or classroom more sustainable? 

From getting your classroom green certified to specific room tips, green activities, green school supplies and end of year up cycling options, we have it all.

Take a minute to take a look around at everything in your school and the community through green colored glasses. This will give you lots of inspiration on ways to be kinder to our planet.

Need some more ideas? Click around the site to learn more on the variety of resources.

If you have additional questions beyond these engaging tools, resources, and ideas, please let us know.

Thank for working to help Wellesley students learn environmental responsibility through various recycling, waste reduction and other earth-friendly initiatives.