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Many of the green initiatives your student, teachers and schools are enthusiastic about, you can initiate at home as well.

Learn more about how to pack litter less lunches, green school supplies, walk to school days, and other interesting ideas fellow Wellesley families (students, teachers and parents) have created.

Russell Hornung helps his family observe their home’s energy use.

Sustainable Wellesley has a series of check lists families can do at home to reduce your environmental impact in the home and outside, save you money, increase your understanding, and grow your voice for sustainability. There are three lists, one is for children in particular.

There are numerous other actions your families can do both in state and nationwide as well as in Wellesley:

  • Plant milkweed for the monarch butterfly
  • Add your home to the solar and/or pledge to go pesticide free at home
  • Go to local climate talks/events
  • Encourage your family to bike, walk, carpool to school and other events.
  • Receive updates on events, opportunities and initiatives from Sustainable Wellesley’s monthly newsletter
  • Donate to Wellesley Green Schools or Sustainable Wellesley
  • Educate and empower your family with some tips

Solar Family Celebration. Photo courtesy of http://allegrophotography.com/


Actions at home now will inspire lifetime habits.