Parents/Green Team Leaders

future of mother earth

Parents we are so glad you are here.

We have seen many of your unique ideas to empower your school to go green.

The passion within so many of you has created no idling campaigns, encouraged food recovery programs, green weeks, letter writing campaigns, gardening/composting, designed posters for walk to school and litter-less lunch days, and so much more!

For those wanting a list to know where to start, click on the Green Team Leader Checklist to assist you as you map out your way.

Don’t forget to encourage your school and PTO to use the SMART event guide to lessen waste, and check in with the school (PTO or principal) to make sure that sustainability is woven into your school’s School Improvement Plans. Please ensure that the communications/newsletter person for your PTO is receiving Wellesley Green School’s monthly tips for their newsletters, and consider earth-friendly school fundraisers. There are school supply lists, as well as end of year locker clean out info here for you to use and share/try out with your community. Here is the No Idling Tent Card for you to use at your school too! Borrow one of our beverage dispensers for your events (from small PTO or teachers meetings to big events) by emailing

Thank you for joining us as we help the community learn environmental responsibility through various recycling, waste reduction and other earth friendly initiatives.

As always, please share your ideas and suggestions.