Pupils raising hand during geography lesson in classroom at the

We are so grateful for all you do and know that your days and curriculum are jam packed.

Thank you for considering adding sustainaiblity to some of your day to day curriculum and for those rare free moments to inspire your students.

Below are a variety of resources your peers have found useful.

Green Classroom Certification– here is a checklist you can use to start your students on the path to sustainable living in the classroom.

– Here is the pledge for your students to take as part of the green classroom certification.

– We have started a list of elementary age books you could add to your collection. New ones come out all the time so feel free to email us a few of your favorites we can add to the list.

Room tips– Over the years, teachers have shared ideas on ways to set up and conduct their days.

School Supply lists and end of year locker clean out info-

SMART event guide (Sustainable Materials and Reduce Trash) – use this when planning school parties or events to create less waste.

Posters for walk to school and litter-less lunch days, or just a green is cool poster all inspired by Wellesley elementary students.

– Green Locker/Cubby Clean out Guide is here.