Classroom Tips


  • Use materials from last year and encourage your students to do the same.
  • At end of year, gather materials and get them ready to be reused, renewed or recycled for next year vs. trashed.
  • Look for products that use recycled paper made from high percentages of post-consumer waste.
  • Implement a second chance paper rule – encourage all to use both sides of a piece of paper.
  • Use felt on bulletin boards vs. paper as its sturdy and wont fade. You will be able to use it for many years!
  • Challenge students to have no waste days (reuse or carry out as much as possible- lunch, papers, drinks, etc.)
  • Encourage walk, bike, carpooling to school
  • Have book lists available for students that are eco related
  • Physically turn over garbage cans so to remind folks to think about what is and isn’t trash.
  • Have kids make PSAs about green initiatives to share with others students (i.e. litter-less lunch)
  • For classroom events reduce disposable food ware when possible. Ask parents to use reusable plates and utensils. See WGS_SmartEvenGuide_2018d.
  • Ask students to share their “green play of the day/week” – eco acts of kindness