Reusable Cloth Gift Wrapping

Thanks to everyone who participated in Sustainable Wellesley’s reusable gift wrapping project. The Wellesley sewing community created over 500 reusable cloth wrapping solutions from donated fabric, offering one for free to Wellesley Marketplace guests! Since Wellesley no longer recycles gift wrap, it’s more important than ever to think reusable. (Not sure what to wrap? Check out our Gift Guide of reusable solutions that make wonderful gifts!)

If you received a free reusable wrapping cloth, thanks for visiting our booth and for your interest in sustainable solutions! We hope you will subscribe to our newsletter and join us in being part of the solution, whether it’s planting milkweed for monarchs, opting into the Power to Choose program, or being a “green” voice at a local town meeting. We have a lot of volunteer opportunities for anyone interested in getting more involved!

How to use your furoshiki wrapping cloth:

Reusable gift wrapping cloths, called furoshiki, have been used in Japan for centuries. Below is a free graphic from Japan’s Ministry of the Environment with different folding techniques. Click here for a full size pdf.

Below is a video demonstration of how to fold a basic gift wrap.

Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to wrap a bottle in furoshiki cloth:

We want to thank all the volunteers who sewed cloths, donated fabric, lent supplies, attended and organized sewing bees, and volunteered as wrappers at Wellesley Marketplace in order to make this giant free reusable gift wrapping booth possible.

It was a great way to flood the community with a reusable solution while also encouraging people to sign up for the Sustainable Wellesley newsletter and making people aware of our presence in the community.