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ADVISORY: ANOTHER Gas Release in Wellesley

Another Gas Release in Wellesley is scheduled for October 8. The Town has been advised that there will be another release of gas from the valve site near 68 Walnut Street in Wellesley on Tuesday, October 8 between 7 am and 7 pm. This gas is being released from the Algonquin pipeline, the main gas distribution line for the northeast. A segment of the pipeline runs through Wellesley. Algonquin Gas said it will be releasing odorized natural gas due to planned maintenance work, but did not give more details for this gas release, or for the two releases that took place on August 16 and 27. Please note that very high levels of methane were recorded in the area by Dr. Nathan Phillips of Boston University during the August releases. Methane is an extremely potent greenhouse gas that is contributing to the devastating effects of global warming. Methane is also known to have a negative effect on human health.


The MASS STEM Week Challenge is on! All Massachusetts students have the opportunity to tackle real-world sustainability problems by participating in the Mass STEM Week Zero Waste challenge. Send us pictures of your ideas and accomplishments info@sustainablewellesley.com. Wellesley’s MASS STEM week free activities include: – “Picturing Yourself in Science” Museum Curator, Professor at the Richard Glider Graduate School at the American Museum of Natural History (amnh.org), Explorer and Researcher, Dr. Mark Siddall will be sharing his passion for scientific learning and the power of images with students of all ages throughout the district. – STEM Week Lawn Sign Host one of the many inspirational STEM sign quotes in your yard to support STEM week. We especially appreciate the earth/climate action signs. Order them here by October 11. – October 21, 6-8 pm WHS Library, 3rd Floor Women in STEM Organized by WHS students All are welcome to join Marina Hatsopoulos, an entrepreneur, director and angel investor, to hear her share her experiences as Chairperson of the Board and investor in Levitronix Technologies, and Director of Cynosure. – Oct. 24, 7 pm WHS Library, 3rd Floor Career Discussion: Paging All Aspiring Doctors… Join Jason Kim PhD, Professor of Molecular Medicine at UMass Medical School as he shares his insights from having served on the MD/PhD Admissions Committee. He will offer advice and discuss how to prepare for a career in medicine as a high school student and as a college student. Register here. – October 23 Beautiful Patterns Identifying patterns is one skill that builds the foundation of the computational process. Practice hands-on activities around fun themes like How to choose a BFF or How to pack a suitcase that are tied by concept to the sorting and searching algorithms of computer literacy. In school field trip for select students. – October 19, 3-4 pm OR October 26, 9-10 am iCode Wellesley Campus, 73 Central Street Robotics Workshop Students aged 6-8 will work on Lego WeDo with Scratch, and students aged 9-12 will focus on Lego MindStorms EV3 and Sphero.

Can You Sew?

Join this Fun, Town-Wide Project Crafty Wellesley children and adults; sewers: novice to expert; anyone looking for a fun and easy community project, Sustainable Wellesley is looking for your talent. Once again, Sustainable Wellesley is creating beautiful, Japanese Furoshiki style cloths to wrap gifts with for free at the Wellesley Marketplace in November. Here are the details: Sew Furoshiki Cloths: Cut a square piece of fabric a little larger than your desired size. 20″ and 28”  are standard finished sizes, but in general any square that’s about 3x larger than the object being wrapped works well.  Fold in each of the edges a quarter inch and iron; fold again and iron. Find instructions online for sewing mitered corners, follow and then sew around the perimeter of your prepared cloth in the middle of the fold. Flexible fabrics like thin cotton work best for tying.  For instructions on hemming and three different corner options, click here. Please e-mail info@sustainablewellesley.com when you have completed some and Sustainable Wellesley will make plans to collect your cloths. Be sure to save wraps for yourself. To learn how to fold furoshiki gift wrap, click here. Not crafty but willing to organize this initiative? Please email info@sustainablewellesley.com Have fabric to donate? Flexible fabrics are ideal! Stiff fabrics are hard to tie furoshiki style – Fabric remnants measuring at least 20″ square work best – e-mail info@sustainablewellesley.com to make a fabric donation Sustainable Wellesley organizes this event as another simple act that makes a difference.  Every year, an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are used and discarded worldwide. Un-recycled bags plague the environment, greatly damaging the ocean as well as many other complex ecosystems. Since plastics take an average of 1,000 years to decompose, our waste isn’t going anywhere fast, so it’s up to us to help minimize our negative impact on the planet. Plus, the activity is relaxing, easy, and fun! Questions? E-mail info@sustainablewellesley.com.

Tonight || Oct. 15th || Oct. 20th || Oct. 24th

Tonight, come to Selectman’s meeting at 6.30pm in the Juliani Room of Town Hall to hear the Library Roof Feasibility Study Presentation and whether solar is an option. Oct. 15th make time for the Hardy/Upham Feasibility Study Community Kick Off at 7.30pm at WMS auditorium and learn/share about the project’s approach to sustainability. October 20th is Kids’ Trails Day from 1:30-3:00PM. Children will look for treasure boxes using letterboxing (written clues). Refreshments served at the end of the activities. No registration is required and no fee is charged. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Meet at the Longfellow Pond parking lot ( 213 Oakland). More walks listed here and other Wellesley Conservation Council events listed here. Add the Green Collaborative meeting to your calendar for Thursday Oct. 24th from 9 to 11 am in the Wakelin Room of Wellesley Free Library to learn more about driving electric! Learn more here. Many more events here

Green New Deal

Learn more about the Green New Deal at a Town Hall event (with Sen. Becca Rausch on the panel) on Thursday, Oct. 17, 7-9pm, at Common Street Spiritual Center in Natick Center. Sign up here. Co-sponsored by a coalition of local organizations, this event will be an educational opportunity for people to learn more about the Green New Deal (GND) and why we need it. In addition to a presentation from the young activists in the new MetroWest hub of Sunrise, special guests will address questions of the political landscape around the GND, how municipal policies will be helped by the GND, and how climate change is affecting our own local environment and agriculture.

Re-“Energizing” the Wellesley Food Waste Program

Thirty percent of everyday household trash is food waste. Right now, Wellesley’s recycling of food waste is 6% of the total recycling at our RDF. So there is a lot of food waste in Wellesley that is NOT being recycled. We can do better, and it’s easy to do. At the recent Sustainable Wellesley action meeting, Sharon volunteered to re-“energize” Wellesley’s Food Waste Program. For those that don’t know, Wellesley residents can drop off their food waste (bones, meat and all!) in the Food Waste area at the RDF. This waste then goes into an anaerobic digester which converts our food waste to methane, which produces electricity. A portion of the leftover byproduct is made into pellets of low grade fertilizer. We are looking for a few volunteers to hand out flyers explaining this program at the RDF, Green’s Hardware and Roche Bros. If you are interested in joining Sharon outside of Green’s hardware on a weekend in October, please let her know by emailing her: sharonkirby3@gmail.com. Weather looks good for this weekend so join the team on Saturday 10/5 from 10-noon and Sunday, 10/6 11-12:30. Its an easy and important thing to do: hand out flyers and a free compostable bag to get more people on board. Other dates you can sign up to help at Roche Bros are Saturday, 11/16, 10-2 and 11/23, 10-2. Thanks for taking action! Together, we are making a difference.

Hardy/Upham: Listen/Share Your Sustainability Related Ideas

Hardy/Upham Feasibility Study Community Kickoff Tuesday October 15, 2019 7:30 PM Wellesley Middle School Auditorium The School Building Committee invites all members of the community to come hear about the Hardy/Upham feasibility study process and timeline, ask questions of the project consultants and learn about future opportunities to engage and provide feedback. Topics will include the educational visioning process, key features of today’s elementary schools, the approach to sustainability and ways stakeholders will be included as the Town develops its plan to rebuild either the Hardy or Upham School in partnership with the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA). They welcome your comments and input Email Watch their meetings and forums online Subscribe to SBC News  Stay tuned for the new SBC website, coming soon!

Follow WHS Girls Swim Team’s Lead. Make Time for a Clean Up

Shout out to the Wellesley High School girls swim team who enthusiastically  participated in a plastic pick up this week. Want to have this much fun and do something positive? Make time for the upcoming cleans ups in Wellesley: ~Student organized Wellesley Clean up this Saturday, October 5th at 2pm. Meet at Wellesley College’s main entrance (West Entrance near the Wang Campus Center) for a stroll, clean up and chat. Adults and students welcome! ~Indigenous Peoples Day: Land Clean Up on Saturday, October 12th from 2:00 – 3:30pm. Meet at Long Fellow Pond on Oakland Street for a walk in honoring Mother Earth and a clean-up around the pond. Co-Sponsored by Sustainable Wellesley.

Want to Cut Your Utility Bills?

Home Energy Savings & Solar Seminar October 18th Tolles Parsons Center Learn ways to cut your utility bills! – Is your home cold and drafty? -Could you be more energy efficient? – Learn how to reduce your energy bills. The Wellesley Municipal Light Plant and National Grid offer no-cost energy audits, free light bulbs and significant rebates and assistance on insulation, heating equipment and appliances. The seminar will familiarize you with the home audit process. An introduction to Solar Panels will be included. Please bring your oil, gas and electric bills with you. Volunteers will help you calculate your benchmark energy rating and assist with the audit process. The seminar will be held Friday October 18th at 1:00 PM at the Tolles-Parsons Center, 500 Washington St. Wellesley. Sign-up with the COA 781-235-3961. Walk-ins are welcome. This program is sponsored by the Wellesley Sustainable Energy Committee.

Students Ask Leaders to Take Swift Climate Action NOW

The Wellesley Student Climate Action on Friday was one of the largest demonstrations in recent history at Town Hall. From pre schoolers to life learning adults, Wellesley students of all ages were some of the more than 4 million people who went on Climate Strike across the world. The goal was to let elected officials and world leaders know that students want swift climate action now. The Wellesley College student group that organized the event, EnAct, demanded that the Town of Wellesley formally commit to go to 100% renewable energy by 2025, and to share a plan on how to get there. In addition, they asked for concrete action to significantly reduce carbon emissions in the town of Wellesley by 2025. They requested that the plans do not negatively impact minorities or people at risk. “We want a just, sustainable energy transition for the town of Wellesley by 2025,” EnAct said in a statement. Interested in ways you can encourage local and state officials to meet these demands? Email info@SustainableWellesley.com for more information. Step up by registering to vote. In addition, there are many actionable things you can do as an individual to make a difference.  Go to the Take Action section of the Sustainable Wellesley website for a drop down menu of options. Attend: A training on Environmental Justice and Action –  Thursday, September 26, from 7 to 9 pm (refreshments start at 6:30 pm) UU Wellesley Hills, 309 Washington Street, Wellesley Climate Change – A conversation about its causes,  affects & and what you can do – Wednesday, Sept. 25, 7pm – 8:30pm at the Natick Community Senior Center,  117 E Central St. in Natick Sustainable Wellesley Action Meeting – Sunday, October 20th from 2-3:30pm held in the Village Church Green Collaborative meeting- Oct. 24 – 9-11am @ Wellesley Free Library (Wakelin Room). Topic: Beneficial Electrification Through Electric Vehicles Showing of the film From Paris to Pittsburgh on Nov. 14th at UU Wellesley’s, with discussion following Wellesley Green Schools Meeting – Nov. 15 9-10:30am in Sprague School Cafeteria An Evening with the Candidates – March 8th – Learn who has environmental and climate friendly visions before you cast your vote

3 Things You Can Do

Go pesticide free!

Take the pledge not to poison your yard, and put your pin on the map of pesticide-free homes HERE

Get clean electricity!

Wellesley residents can get clean, renewable electricity through our Municipal Light Plant with the same great service. Find out how HERE

Find and fix gas leaks!

There are over 200 ‘natural gas’ leaks all over Wellesley. Find where the nearest leaks to you are and what you can do about them HERE