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Clean Energy

Wellesley residents can buy clean, green, renewable energy from a wind farm in Maine!

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Idling your car is against the law, burns your gas, and pollutes the air around you.

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Solar Evaluation

Find out if solar is right for you, get an energy audit and more.

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Be Pesticide Free!

Add your name to the map of Wellesley residents who have gone pesticide-free.

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  • Join Us for a Sustainable Wellesley Action Team Meeting this Sunday, Jan. 25, 2 to 4 pm!

    Sustainable Wellesley action teams are in gear and making plans for upcoming events and initiatives on Wellesley recycling, town government, and an exciting new event planned for May—the Sustainable Living Festival. Please join us at Quentin’s home, 75 Emerson Road, for break-out groups and a discussion of next steps. We will also be taking a look at what we can do
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    Join the SW Action Team
  • Check Out the NEW Sustainable Wellesley Website

    Sustainable Wellesley is proud to launch our new website. With our continued growth and momentum in the community, it was time to completely re-do our website to give you more detailed, and up-to-date information on all the sustainable ideas, news, and events, in Town and beyond. The improved website is much easier to navigate and has more ways for you to interact and eng
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  • Inside Scoop on Paper Recycling

    Did You Know……… over 2,000 years ago, the Chinese discovered that a thin, wet layer of interlocking fibers becomes paper when it dries. The first papermaking materials consisted of fibers from rags, the bark of trees, plants and grasses such as hemp, bamboo, jute and straw. Most paper and paper products manufactured today use fibers derived from wood, primarily from
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  • LED versus CFL and Incandescent Bulbs

    -Big Thanks to Guest Writer Jeanne Mayell Did you know that the most efficient, cost effective, and safest light bulb of today is the new LED bulb? It’s also down in price to under $5 for a 60-watt bulb. Compare it to the other two options: First are the old incandescent bulbs, which are the most inefficient and expensive to burn, hot to the touch, and causing the gr
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    LED light bulbs
  • Great Choices for Holiday Gift Wrapping

    Did you know that the Wellesley RDF cannot recycle conventional wrapping paper? Before you stock on the glossy rolls sold just about everywhere, consider going eco-chic by covering gifts in Scotch brown “Postal Wrapping Paper,” available in rolls at in most local retail stores. The rolled version is easier to use than old shopping bags, and brown paper is recycled with
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  • Latest “Climate Reality” Talk This Thursday Evening

    WELLESLEY NEIGHBORS SPEAKER SERIES Thursday, December 11th at 7:00 P.M at the Wellesley College Club   “CLIMATE REALITY“   Quentin Prideaux The talk reviews the causes and impacts of climate change, the actions we need to take, and what it all means for Massachusetts and the Northeast. Quentin will discuss why some have been confused about the facts and, alt
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  • Save The North 40 Teach-In & Demonstration

    The Friends of the North 40 announce a: SAVE THE NORTH 40 TEACH IN & PUBLIC DEMONSTRATION Saturday, December 13 at 1 pm Corner of Central Street and Weston Rd. in Wellesley, on the Fire House sidewalk and lawn, across from the Wellesley College entrance. Help protect Wellesley College’s North 40 land from sale to development! We invite town residents, students, f
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  • Sustainable Wellesley Website

    As you may have noticed, Sustainable Wellesley is in the midst of updating and improving its website and newsletter format. Be on the lookout for easier, more interactive and useful functionality with continued exciting information. The site is being designed by Wiz Studios, a local creative agency, and was subsidized by generous donations by Sustainable Wellesley lea
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