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Sustainable Wellesley’s Quentin and Dylan Came in the Top Three in MIT’s Climate CoLab

MIT has a huge annual competition for the best ideas on solving climate change.  Sustainable Wellesley’s Dylan Husted and Quentin Prideaux submitted Dylan’s brilliant idea, SaveOhno, which has made it into the Finals!

The idea is to create an online “vision of the future” that is initially bleak because of global warming, until you do something positive in the real world today.  It’s a neat way of making it easy and fun for non-hardcore-activists to take real action and see their results immediately.

Votes are officially being tallied but we believe we’re in the top three – so thank you!  And come to visit us when CLimate CoLab opens on Tuesday October 6th: http://climatecolab.org/web/guest/conference2015

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  • Friday: Should We Ban The Bags Wellesley?

    With growing evidence of the environmental hazards of plastic bags, at least 16 Massachusetts communities have now passed bag bans and many more communities are considering restrictions. What should Wellesley do? Wellesley residents are invited to come together for a free event on Friday, Sept. 25, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm, at the Unitarian Universalists of Wellesley (309 Wash
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  • Biggest Energy Legislative Hearing – Sept. 29th 12 pm – MA State House

    MA Power Forward is inviting you to a public hearing where several energy bills will be heard on the 29th regarding solar, hydropower, offshore wind, and subsidies for new gas pipelines. The state is poised to invest billions in new infrastructure and state legislators that will make key decisions this fall. These will have incredible impact on our climate, energy bills, l
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  • Learn More About GMOs

    Want to learn more about Genetically Modified (GMO's)? Sheldon Krimsky PhD, a leading expert on the research done to date on GMO's, is coming to Wellesley to present the information he has gathered about the GMO corn, soybean and cotton crops that are intimately tied into our food system. OCTOBER 8th, 2015 Wellesley Free Public Library, Wakelin Room Questions and answers w
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  • School Supplies

    by Elizabeth Fulham Every year before school starts, there’s always a rush to get all of the supplies that I’ll need for the school year. However, this year I started thinking about the plastic-free pledge that I took in July and how it would impact what I would need for my daily life at school. Many of the products that you find in a typical supply store contain plast
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  • Wellesley Green Schools Goals for 2015/2016

    Wellesley Green Schools hopes you had a wonderful summer and are ready to gear up for a very GREEN school year! We are anticipating a very productive year and appreciate all of your help in getting our message out. Our plan for the 2015-16 school year is to focus on five major areas: 1.) Reducing waste/increasing recycling– we will work with town constituencies
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    NEWS FLASH: The NRC will appear before the Advisory Committee at Town Hall this Wednesday, September 16, at 6:45 pm, to discuss the position of the NRC on the restructuring of our town government as proposed by the Town Government Study Committee. The NRC presentation is scheduled for 6:45 pm on the Advisory Committee’s agenda. The Advisory Committee meeting is open
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  • Natural Resources Commission

    It is thanks to the Natural Resources Commission (NRC) that Wellesley has much of the character that makes our Town such a special place. The NRC was created way back in 1977 to bring together all the many town entities that shared responsibility for parks, conservation lands, trees, and natural resources. The Park Commissions, Conservation Commissions, Tree Wardens, Town
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  • Save The Date: Answering the Call An Interfaith Gathering for Climate Action

    The Boston area community will be gathering on Monday, October 12th for an interfaith movement for action on climate change.  Welcoming Reception & Sign-in begin at 6:30pm and the full program will run from 7:00pm to 9:00pm at Temple Beth Elohim, 10 Bethel Road, in Wellesley, MA. Please bring family and friends and join this special interfaith event as messages of
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  • Last Chance to Vote For Quentin and Dylan in MIT’s Climate Competition

    MIT has a huge annual competition for the best ideas on solving climate change. Sustainable Wellesley’s Dylan Husted and Quentin Prideaux are working on Dylan’s brilliant idea, SaveOhno, which is in the Finals, and you can help! To vote for SaveOhno: http://climatecolab.org/web/guest/plans/-/plans/contestId/1301417/planId/1320156 Do check it out and please support/ vot
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Clean Energy

Wellesley residents can buy clean, green, renewable energy through the Town of Wellesley Power to Choose program!

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Join Wellesley Green Schools in a “no idling” pledge! Idling your car is against the law, it burns gas unnecessarily, and it pollutes the air around you!

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Solar Evaluation

Find out if solar is right for you with a free solar evaluation! You can also get an energy audit and more from the Town of Wellesley!

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Be Pesticide Free!

Add your name to the map of Wellesley residents who have gone pesticide-free.

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