Upham’s Green Team felt that one of the most important lessons our kids can learn about is the impact they can have on others and on their environment.

In response to this, they designed a week-long effort at Upham which could help teach this type of awareness. This effort is a partnership between parents and educators and had both in-school and at-home components. The initiative provided an opportunity to weave sustainability into existing lesson plans through science, math, or reading. Whether teachers decided to dive in head first and try one of our suggested lesson plans, install a plant on a windowsill, or simply read something like Dr. Seuss’s classic, “The Lorax” in class– the decision was theirs to make.


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upham no idling

Following is a list of activities you might use to put together a weeklong series of fun and informative events for your school. Assign one per day and create a school-wide competition/ awareness campaign!

DAY 1= Re-certification day. Kick off your Green Week by asking teachers to take 5-10 minutes to review the purpose of the week and that your classroom meets the standards for Bronze Level Certification.

DAY 2 = Ask a grade or classroom to help you wage an anti-idling campaign. Ask students to have parents fill out an idling reduction pledge form or create a song or blacktop message to get the word out. There are lots of resources available online to help. Here’s one option to get you started. http://www.thegreenteam.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Clearn-Air-Color-2012.pdf

DAY 3= Create an ALL SCHOOL POWER YOURSELF TO SCHOOL DAY! Encourage students and families to walk, bike, scooter, carpool, bus to school today.

DAY 4= Host an ALL SCHOOL LITTERLESS LUNCH DAY!  Create competition by hosting a raffle for each student who brings in a litterless lunch.

DAY 5= Host a green assembly (Jack Golden offers some perfect options for elementary students. Check them out at www.garbageismybag.com).

ALL WEEK=  Ask teachers to tally these activities via a shared google drive spreadsheet.

green week upham 2

Litter-less Snack drive.

Nike Shoe Collection. Collect used shoes and drop off at Wellesley RDF or find a local partner to assist (Marathon Sports is one).

Other great ideas:

  • Used Book Collection. Collect used books and donate.
  • Art Installation. Ask your school art teacher to consider helping with an upcycled art project. Upham’s Ms. Piwinski has done some great ones using bottle caps, Capri sun containers, flowers out of recycled water bottles, etc.
  • Library display. Ask your school librarian to support your efforts.

In school teachers can also take 5-10 minutes to show educational videos or play games. Wellesley Green Schools has a Green Jeopardy game on our website and following are some video ideas:

For older classrooms (water conservation theme):

1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNdbj3PbX6o

2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=On9WRrFHVjY

For younger classrooms (recycling):

1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1l8HXa3HLk


Please Add These Events to 
Your Calendar!
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Oct. 8th – Caution, Gas release.

Oct. 12th – Indigenous Peoples Day: Land Clean Up, 2– 3:30pm. Meet at Long Fellow Pond on Oakland St.

Oct. 15th – 7.30pm Hardy/Upham Feasibility Study Community Kickoff, Wellesley Middle School Auditorium

Oct. 17- Green New Deal Town Meeting from 7-9pm in Natick. 

Oct. 18th -1 PM Home Energy Seminar. Learn how to lower your utility bills at the Tolles-Parsons Center, 500 Washington St.

Oct. 20th from 2-3:30pm – Sustainable Wellesley Action Meeting held in the Village Church

Oct. 20th – 10am-4:30pm – GreenEXPO. Newton Center Green. 40+ Sustainably focused exhibits for all ages: -EV and electric bike test drives, Olin Electric Motor Sports race car exhibit & Magic Electric Bike!

Oct. 21-25- STEM Week! lots of free act ivies

Oct. 24th – Green Collaborative meeting- 9-11am @ Wellesley Free Library (Wakelin Room). Topic: Beneficial Electrification Through Electric Vehicles. All welcome.

Nov. 14th – save the date for UU Wellesley’s showing of From Paris to Pittsburgh, with discussion 

Nov. 15th – Wellesley Green Schools Meeting – 9-10:30am in Sprague School Cafeteria

Nov. 23- Sustainable Wellesley offers free, beautiful, re-usable gift wrapping at Wellesley Marketplace from 1.30-4pm at Wellesley High School. Help out by sewing, organizing, helping day of.

March 8th – An Evening with the Candidates – Save the date!